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Wishing you happiness and good fortune
for the Year of the Rat! Since I live in
China, I can wish you happy New Year twice
every year.

For the IAC, I wish to evoke the rat’s
vitality: its strong reproductive capacity
and high survival rate. I predict we will
have a year of strong growth in membership
which will greatly enhance the sustainability
and effectiveness of our organization. The
year is certainly getting off to a good
start, as we had a lot of new members joining
in January and many people applying for

Some of you are waiting to get
started with our new IAC Masteries Step One exam. We're now doing the final
tests on the system and will send out a special announcement as soon as it is

In the Voice this month we have some special
features to enhance the vitality of your
coaching and your coaching business.

I’m very pleased and excited that
the IAC’s Lead Certifier, Nina East,
will write a regular column called IAC Certification
Tidbits. Nina will share tips and advice
for completing and submitting high quality
coaching session recordings as you work
towards your IAC Certified Coach designation.
We certainly couldn’t have a more
qualified advisor.

Although Nina is a very important member
of the IAC team, she has been working largely
behind the scenes. So, at last you’ll
have a chance to get to know her better
through my interview with Nina.

We also have a special article called
Core Principles of Marketing for Coaches.
For those of you still developing your coaching
practice, Tara Rodden Robinson has written
an excellent primer. For those who already
have a successful marketing strategy, you’ll
want to read these essential principles
to ensure you are marketing as effectively
as possible.

Coaching Moments is full of love,
especially for Valentine's Day.


Angela Spaxman

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