From the Editor


This issue is a little shorter than usual,
and full of value.

our President Natalie answers your questions
about the IAC Coaching Masteries™ licencing
policies and reveals more details about
the Virtual Symposium coming in February.

are releasing the IAC Coaching Masteries™
Note Sheet: a very practical tool for assessing
your own coaching recordings. If you’re
working towards certification, don’t
miss this!

This month
Coaching Moments comes in two
parts, with a bonus practical piece as Janice
shares a simple strategy for passing coaching

As the end of the year approaches, I want
to appreciate all the support that the IAC
has received this year. Those volunteers
who have contributed their time and efforts
all share, to some degree, a commitment
to a progressive, transparent system of
coach certification that welcomes coaches
from all backgrounds and encourages innovation
both on how to coach and how to learn coaching.

So why is this organization worthy of our
efforts, when we have so many other things
to do? I believe that the widespread use
of masterful coaching is a key to the human
evolution that is now necessary. That’s
why I’m here: to accelerate the learning
and use of masterful coaching.

Why are you here?
What can you do to help


Angela Spaxman

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