From the Editor


I’m so pleased to be able to share
this month a huge block in our foundation that
our Board of Governors has worked hard to
create: our policies for protecting and
sharing the IAC Coaching Masteries™. This
article will be of interest to mentor coaches
and coach training organizations who want
to help coaches become masterful in the
most effective way possible. This article
also reveals the underlying philosophy of
our organization and how we choose to interact
in the wider world of coaching.

It’s also very exciting to see the
progress on the IAC’s first Global Virtual Symposium that will be happening on
the week of February 10, 2008. 

For those of you who are working on coach
certification, you’ll find the transcription
of the interview with IAC Certifier Karen
van Cleve very useful. There are some important
pointers about how the certifiers evaluate
coaching that will help you in your efforts
to assess your own coaching.

As usual,
Coaching Moments is lyrical and
touching, reminding us of some truths about
the trials, pains and discoveries of everyday

I hope you’ll share with me some
thoughts of appreciation for all the contributions
that have brought the IAC this far and for
what is yet to come.


Angela Spaxman

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