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We want to involve you and we are continuing to create more opportunities for
you to immerse yourself in the IAC. Here are some of the ways.

By learning about masterful coaching!

As our President Natalie explains, we are
rolling out the IAC Coaching Masteries
E-book, the primary tool for you to learn what exactly masterful is
coaching and how it is achieved and measured.

We’re also including a round-up of some of the
resources for getting
certified that are included in your membership.

By volunteering!

In this issue of the VOICE, we’re looking for volunteers to
help evaluate
our new Step One (written) Exam. We are updating the exam to reflect our use
of the IAC Coaching Masteries instead of the Proficiencies, and we would like
your help to check the quality of the test questions.

As we complete our transition to the IAC Coaching Masteries this year, we will
also be looking for new people to become IAC Certifiers. If this path interests
you, now is the time to complete your certification!

Also, if you are interested in the deeper workings of this organization and
feel a pull to get more involved with the amazing group of coaches in the IAC
Board, we invite you to contact Parker Anderson, the head of our nominations
committee, to discuss what we do and what kind of support we are looking for.
Being part of the IAC Board is a pleasure and a challenge. It is a chance to
interact with a diverse group of passionate, wise and generous individuals
who freely and constructively debate the policies and directions we set in order
to fulfill our mission: to inspire the on-going evolution and application of
universal coaching standards.

By simply reading and enjoying!

We’ve got a
fascinating glimpse into the world of Shadow Coach™,
Donna Karlin who works in high-paced political environments.

Coaching Moments this month is a celebration of cleaning up and starting

With your feedback!

One more way to get involved is to send us your
feedback. A few quick words
will do, or even better, tell us what you most want from the IAC.


Angela Spaxman

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