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honour of summer, our August issue is especially warm and heartfelt with nothing
too heavy! And there’s plenty to enjoy: including important new benefits and
inspiring reading.

If you
missed the teleconferences with our certifiers last month,
you’ve now got a chance to hear them. Click on the link in
the sidebar to hear President Natalie Tucker Miller with
Certifiers Nina East and Karen Van Cleve as they explain
the IAC Masteries project and answer questions about what
to expect from the shift to the Masteries from the 15
Proficiencies. You’ll enjoy their clear voices and
informative words.

Our President Natalie has uplifting words regarding news about Barbra

For anyone interested in learning masterful coaching and getting IAC Certified,
we have some great new member benefits to support you.

of all, six IAC Certified Coaches have teamed up to compile an e-book of their
experiences in getting certified. I interviewed their editor, Janice Hunter,
to find out what’s inside the e-book “Sharing the Certification Journey”. They
are providing a very generous offer for IAC members.

Secondly, Julia Stewart, IAC-CC,
has launched a new coach training school which focuses specifically on the high
standards of the IAC Masteries. She is offering to pay the IAC Certification
fees for anyone who joins the Full Coach Training Program or Certified Coach
Program at her newly launched School of Coaching Mastery. We are thrilled to
offer another valuable member benefit for all our members who
are on the path to certification.

on, a couple of well-known masterful coaches are sharing their insights into
coaching: Donna Karlin shares her thoughts about coaching mastery; and David
Blanchard describes beautifully some of the challenges of masterful coaching.

finally as a treat, we have a coaching poem.

hope you’ll find some peaceful moments to enjoy this whole issue.  


Angela Spaxman


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