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is a field of constant expansion and growth. In this issue of the
VOICE, we're focusing on our geographic and (more importantly) our
cultural expansion as coaching becomes more important all over the
world. One of our Governors, Parker Anderson explains how the IAC is
approaching the challenge of being a truly international organization.

international focus is timely from me as I've been traveling in Canada
and the US, experiencing the huge differences between those places and
my home in Hong Kong. I had the great fortune to attend the
Conversation Among Masters conference in Monterey, California this
month. President Natalie will tell you a more about masterful coaches' interest in the IAC.

It's also timely that we are welcoming
two new international members to our Board.

coaching, expansion and growth also refers to our continuous
development of new tools and techniques. I'm very pleased to provide
this month an article (for members only) about Ontological Coaching
provided by Alan Sieler of Newfield Australia. This timely piece
includes some very clear explanations and examples of specific tools
that differentiate Ontological Coaching from other varieties.

As usual, Janice has contributed a sensuous
Coaching Moments especially for spring.

Since spring is the time for planting seeds, please
join us and thereby plant a seed that will support an ever expanding, improving and professional field of coaching.


Angela Spaxman


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