From the President

by Vicki Zanini


Autumn is one of my favorite seasons when “Colorful Colorado” really comes to life. There is much to do to prepare for the colder months ahead and I relish every drop of sunlight these shorter days have to offer before the snow begins to fall.

“Fall, not spring, is the time in this region to clear away dead leaves and branches, to renovate the borders, to start new gardens….And even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn.” –Elizabeth Lawrence, A Southern Garden.

The above quote from Elizabeth Lawrence is a good analogy for what has been going on at the International Association of Coaching over the past several months. Although the IAC is a virtual organization, the community itself is made up of amazing people who give passionately and generously to keep this association beautifully pruned and tended to. Like any garden, there is daily maintenance, seasonal planting, and strategic planning; and we have the perfect balance of talent and skill to keep us blossoming year round.

As the days start to shorten and before the holiday season begins, I want to pause and say thank you to the many volunteers, staff and contractors who are working behind the scenes to prepare for the new season ahead. A heartfelt thank you to a very long list of people I won’t name for fear of leaving someone out but to whom I am extremely grateful for and honored to work with and who inspire me to continue on my own personal path to mastery.

Along with the much anticipated website makeover reveal scheduled in early 2015, work continues on several initiatives to build and strengthen our community through teleconferences, study groups and social media all designed to support the path to coaching certification and living the masteries. Come spring we’ll all be celebrating the “fruits” of our labor but for now the work continues and we are “all hands on deck”. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn and engage with us, share your stories, and let us know how we can support you on your path to coaching mastery. If you’ve been thinking of volunteering, now would be a great time to get involved. Enjoy this beautiful season and remember, “Everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn.”

With gratitude,


Vicki Zanini Vicki Zanini is founder of Vicki Zanini Coaching & Training. As a certified holistic life coach, she works with individuals and groups who are ready to create new possibilities, boost personal effectiveness, and experience a deeper sense of meaning and inner peace. She has been leading coaching groups and workshops for over 15 years in personal development, self-care, creativity, and intuition. Visit her website at

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