From the President

by Vicki Zanini


Ah, the sweet month of May is finally here. This is the time of year when my family begins to move our life outdoors as much as possible. I even conduct my business from my backyard deck when the weather allows. The weather is still a bit unpredictable so there is always an undercurrent of spontaneity and flexibility built into my daily schedule and I enjoy a more relaxed routine. It’s an environment that naturally invites possibility.

My husband and I just returned from a three day road trip to Winter Park, Colorado. We stayed at the Wild Horse Inn in nearby Fraser, Colorado, which is the coldest incorporated town in the lower 48 states (according to Wikipedia), but we enjoyed beautiful weather and astounding scenery. The best part of the trip was the people we met along the way. We enjoyed the company of our travel companions, and we also made many new friends.

April was a productive month at the IAC. We officially began working with consultant Nina East to assist us in updating our website. Nina is an experienced coach and IAC certifier and we are thrilled to partner with her on this important project.

I am very excited to announce that the professional development portfolio, chaired by Dr. Kristi Arndt, is in the process of formalizing a research agreement to collaboratively design and conduct research investigating the effects of coaching using the IAC Masteries®. Kristi and her committee will be sharing more information with us soon.

The IAC is thrilled to once again be a sponsor of the 2014 World Business and Executive Coach Summit happening in June. We are fortunate to have Dr. Susan Meyer, Natalie Tucker Miller, Krishna Kumar and Aileen Gibbs presenting on behalf of the IAC this year.

Have you noticed the jump in IAC VOICE subscribers over the past couple of months? I’d like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to our dedicated and talented editor, Beth Ann Miller, and to the many contributors who so generously share their wisdom and expertise with us each month.

As we embark on a new month together, let’s invite possibility to accompany us, shall we?

With joy and gratitude,

Vicki Zanini Vicki Zanini is founder of Vicki Zanini Coaching & Training. As a certified holistic life coach, she works with individuals and groups who are ready to create new possibilities, boost personal effectiveness, and experience a deeper sense of meaning and inner peace. She has been leading coaching groups and workshops for over 15 years in personal development, self-care, creativity, and intuition. Visit her website at

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  1. Very excited to see Dr. Kristi Arndt’s research in to the 9 Coaching Masteries(R) going forward. These kinds of research initiatives truly build professionalism in the IAC.

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