From the President

by Vicki Zanini


As I write this from my desk in Colorado, the temperature outside is a mere 23 degrees. And it’s much colder in other parts of the world. We are experiencing the kind of weather that interferes with travel plans and daily routines. In the midst of all this, the “weather” here at the IAC is clear and sunny, metaphorically speaking of course.

We held our first Board of Governors meeting of the year on January 13th, and we are fully engaged and focused on the path ahead. Our portfolio and committee seats are being filled and our membership is solid and growing. And it is so gratifying to witness our own IAC Masteries being demonstrated throughout our organization. It is stated on our website that “The Masteries are internationally created coaching touchstones, which can be applied to a variety of situations…” One of these touchstones in particular stood out for me this month: “Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust… ensures a safe space and supportive relationship for personal growth, discovery and transformation.”

It has been so powerful to experience this mastery in action as we welcomed our new board members and took on new roles this month. I heard it said once that you cannot change the world but only your relationship with it. A relationship that supports and fosters personal growth, discovery and transformation has the power to impact the world.

IAC members and coaches are changing the world, and it’s so easy to engage and connect with one another through our online communities via Linked-in, Facebook and Twitter; each of which can be accessed through our website at We also host monthly Memberchats via teleconference calls. Our lead certifier, Natalie Tucker Miller, will be hosting these every month through March and they are an opportunity to connect with her and other members. Look for details in this month’s VOICE, and bring your questions and observations. Our members are the voice of the IAC and we are eagerly listening.

The IAC is poised and ready for the opportunities currently presenting themselves in the world of coaching. We continue to look for ways to expand the path to coaching mastery, and we thank you for sharing this amazing life journey.

Vicki Zanini Vicki Zanini is founder of Vicki Zanini Coaching & Training. As a certified holistic life coach, she works with individuals and groups who are ready to create new possibilities, boost personal effectiveness, and experience a deeper sense of meaning and inner peace. She has been leading coaching groups and workshops for over 15 years in personal development, self-care, creativity, and intuition. Visit her website at

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