From the President

by Susan R. Meyer,

Refresh, Renew … and Hit the Road Running

I’ve never outgrown that first-day-of-school feeling that comes with
the crisp air and colorful foliage that is part of autumn in New York. We had
a lovely preview of this weather last week while I was at Kripalu, a yoga retreat
in Lenox, MA for a workshop with Martha Beck.


What does this have to do with coaching or with the IAC? As it turns out, everything.
Martha coached a number of members in the group. As she worked with them, using
energy and Jungian techniques, it seemed clear to me that her methods also reflected
the IAC Masteries?. I was delighted!

Martha was speaking about her new book, Making Your Way in a Wild New World.
In this book, she focuses on the emergence of people she calls “wayfinders”
or “menders.” I call these people COACHES. There’s a tremendous
increase in the number of us who realize that we are meant to help people and
organizations find their own truth and grow, as well as an increase in demand
for our services.

Stanford University recently released the results of their survey on coaching
in organizations. Here’s an excerpt:

“It’s lonely at the top” appears to be truer than ever,
according to a new study conducted by the Center for Leadership Development
and Research at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University’s
Rock Center for Corporate Governance
, and The Miles Group.
Nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive coaching or leadership advice from
outside consultants or coaches, and almost half of senior executives are not
receiving any either, the survey reveals.

“What’s interesting is that nearly 100% of CEOs in the survey
responded that they actually enjoy the process of receiving coaching and leadership
advice, so there is real opportunity for companies to fill in that gap,”
says David F. Larcker, who led the research team and is the
James Irvin Miller Professor of Accounting and Morgan Stanley director of the
Center for Leadership Development and Research at the Stanford Graduate School
of Business.

You can read the executive summary here.

In a similar vein, Daniel Goleman is talking about a subject dear to the hearts
of many of us at the IAC – the importance of coaching skills for leaders,
found here.

What wonderful opportunities for the coaching community! Aileen Gibb, Natalie
Tucker Miller and I continue our deep discussion of using the IAC Masteries™
as a framework for helping managers use coaching skills. You can see threads
of this discussion in our WBECS presentations. You can also see how using the
IAC Masteries™ as a framework for professional development works in Bob
and Megan Tschannen-Moran’s book Evocative Coaching. Bob and
Megan show how coaching skills can shape the future of education. Dr. Doris
Helge’s many books, including Transforming Pain into Power, reflect
the IAC Masteries™ in personal development work.

What are you working on? Do you have a book we should be talking about? An
exciting new project? You may have noticed that our Facebook page is now a lively
spot and our LinkedIn group keeps growing. Please use that as one way to let
the coaching community know what you’re up to. We’re working on
building a store on the website, so by the end of the year I hope to announce
a place to list products and programs – first, from the IAC, eventually
from licensees, then members. We’re also working on making the Coach Directory
more robust so potential clients can find our members. Ed Britton reports that
membership is growing – especially in Latin America and in Singapore.
Licensee and head of the North American Virtual Chapter (and Lifetime Member)
Julia Stewart took us up on our offer to make Maestro available to all Chapters.
If you want to use Maestro for your virtual chapter, please contact
If you have activities, please send them along for us to include in the VOICE.
Your growth is our growth.

Finally, if you want to know what I’ve been thinking about the future
of coaching and of the IAC, go
to listen to the latest interview in our Masterful Coach series –
me being interviewed by Natalie Tucker Miller.

Encouraging your personal and professional growth as you expand your path to
coaching mastery!


Dr. Susan R. Meyer, MMC is President of Susan R. Meyer, Coaching and
Consulting. As a Life Architect, she helps wise and wild women construct
a joyful life, provides executive coaching and instills a coaching
approach to leadership for organizational success.

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