From the President

by Susan R. Meyer,

What’s at the Core?
Evaluation, Growth, and the Masteries as a Framework

As we move into June I am in the midst of dualities. For me, that’s an
interesting and also comfortable place to be. I am winding down my spring coaching
contracts, evaluating the clients’ progress and gearing up – planning
for a new group in September.

My clients are reporting growth, although for many, it isn’t the growth
we were anticipating. Super Storm Sandy has had lingering effects, so many are
still dealing with chaos in the workplace, increased stress levels and many
characteristics of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It makes me thankful for
the Masteries. Engaged listening (Mastery 3) has, of course, always been the
basis of our conversations, as has clarifying (Mastery 6). In times of crisis,
I am grateful for processing in the present (Mastery 4). It reminds me to keep
focused on the situation and not let my thoughts – or the client’s
– wander into a morass of “what if’s” and helps them
concentrate on getting today’s work done despite the many obstacles of
displacement. No, you don’t have your directory or files or maybe even
a telephone: How do you keep doing what needs to be done? I am delighted to
be more focused than ever on helping the client set and keep clear intentions
(Mastery 7), inviting possibilities (Mastery 8) and helping the clients create
and use supportive systems and structures (Mastery 9).

Yes, the Masteries have always shaped my coaching. What I’m seeing more
and more, though, is how the Masteries shape everything. Natalie Tucker Miller
often says that the Masteries can serve as a framework for our lives, and I’m
seeing that more every day. The Masteries helped me guide my clients in creating
order and calm in chaos. The feedback I’ve received about their coaching
experience make the power of the Masteries beautifully clear to me.

Learning Opportunities

In May, I had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Doris Helge that has been added
to our Master Coach collection. You can listen here.
I always enjoy speaking with Doris and hearing her speak about her coaching
philosophy was a delight. If you would like to learn from Doris on a regular
basis, you should join our New
Coach Virtual Chapter
. I’m looking forward to our next interviews,
facilitated by Kristi Arndt. She’s hoping to speak with Julia Stewart
and Shirley Andersen. Julia founded our other virtual chapter. You can check
it out here.

By the time you read this, we will be on the eve of Leadership
Masteries – The New Mantras
. We are working with IAC Vice President
Krishna Kumar, who has organized this event, to arrange live feed and will forward
details if we are successful. Not only will this be a rare opportunity to hear
from Sir John Whitmore, but it will also be an opportunity to learn from distinguished
IAC leaders including Krishna Kumar, Nigel Cumberland, Bonnie Chan and Teo Jin
Lee. Trust me, you’ll want to be able to say “I knew them when ….”

I spent three wonderful days at the seventh Conversation Among Masters in Lake
Geneva, Wisconsin. Despite snow storms elsewhere in the state, we had mild weather
and lots of sunshine. The conversations, especially with Sam Horn, were incredible
and thought-provoking and the IAC was well received as a sponsor and there were
many questions about the Masteries. I’m hoping to report two exciting
member benefits in the next few months as a result, and we acquired a few new
members on the spot. It was wonderful to spend time with IAC members including
Kristi Arndt, Aileen Gibb and Yorum Gordon. Here’s the group
, if you’re curious. Next year, the event will be in San

Later this month, Aileen Gibb, Natalie Tucker Miller, Krishna Kumar and I will
be presenting a session entitled Four Leadership Mantras and Nine IAC Masteries
– Coaching the New Leadership Mode
as part of the third WBECS event. We
will make the slides available to you so that you can see how we’ve used
the framework of the Masteries to inform our thinking about Enlightened Leadership,
Timeless Leadership, Lateral/Vertical Leadership and Awakened Leadership.

Over the next few months, in addition to the Members’ Benefits webinars,
we will offer webinars on topics of interest to coaches. If there is a topic
you’d like to hear more about – or would like to present –
please let me know. You can reach me at

As always, supporting you in your path towards coaching mastery.


Susan R. Meyer


Susan R. Meyer, MMC is President of Susan R. Meyer, Coaching and Consulting
and of Life-Work Coach. She provides personal and executive coaching
and facilitates seminars on topics including life planning, emotional
intelligence, leadership development, communication, and coaching
skills for managers.

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