From the President

by Susan R. Meyer,

May is a wonderful month for growth and renewal. In this brief period between
the hustle and bustle of ending my current business cycle and arranging some
summer fun before moving into the next cycle, I find myself focused on learning
opportunities. And there are so many available!

One focus for me will be to complete my Learning Agreement. As I continue to
explore the links between the Masteries and leadership, I’m creating a
series of ten articles describing how the Masteries inform management development.
I’ve completed three – here’s
the first one
– and will have finished the series by the end of June.

It’s also conference season and I’m looking forward to three amazing
opportunities to expand my thinking. By the time the VOICE comes out, I will
be in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for the seventh Conversation
Among Masters
event. I’ve been to all six previous events, each year
learning something new. Year one, I was fortunate to be selected to join George
for lunch and to hear him discuss Mastery. I’ve included a
link in case you don’t know him and would like to find out more about
this amazing man. I’ve heard Dan
speak about predictable irrationality. I’ve learned from futurist
David Zach and comic Yakof Smirnoff, who is now teaching about happiness as
well as continuing to perform. This year, we will spend an entire day sharing
ideas with each other in a World Café format. June will be a busy month.
The IAC is delighted to be co-sponsoring ISEC’s Leadership
Mantras for the Modern Age
in Bangalore, India. The conference has been
created by IAC Vice President Krishna Kumar. The keynote speaker is Sir John
Whitmore and speakers active in the IAC include Krishna Kumar, M. Shanmugam
(Shan), Teo Jin Lee, Bonnie Chan, and Nigel Cumberland.

We are also once again participating in WBECS.
Natalie Tucker Miller, Aileen Gibb, Krishna and I are presenting a discussion
of the IAC Masteries and Leadership. I’m looking forward to hearing Daniel
Pink, John C. Maxwell and Frances Hesselbein, and to participating in a Chapter-level
discussion group.

You don’t even need to leave home to find learning opportunities. My
brother has been taking courses as diverse as Python (apparently a programming
language) and Song Writing on Coursera.
I was intrigued. It’s free and they issue certificates of completion,
so now I’m working my way through an MIT course conducted by Dan Ariely.

Learning is not, of course, limited to academics. I plan to expand my musical
horizons at Clearwater’s
Great Hudson River Revival
, with performers as diverse as Buffy St. Marie,
David Amram and the Klezmatics. I may also expand my knowledge of crafts (ok
– jewelry!), especially since Natalie Tucker Miller volunteers as Vendor
Coordinator. I will probably expand my learning to include some interesting
new food finds and take a refresher course in the wonders of Jane’s ice

Everything we learn contributes to our skill as coaches. I hope that your May
is full of wonderful opportunities to expand your pathway to coaching mastery.

warm wishes for your success,
Susan R. Meyer

Susan R. Meyer
Susan R. Meyer, MMC is President of Susan R. Meyer, Coaching and Consulting
and of Life-Work Coach. She provides personal and executive coaching
and facilitates seminars on topics including life planning, emotional
intelligence, leadership development, communication, and coaching
skills for managers.


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