From the President

by Susan R. Meyer,

2013–Renewal, Retooling and Re-Visioning at the IAC

The new year is a time for reflection, taking stock, strengthening the good
things, and possibly discarding things that are no longer working. In my part
of the world, it’s also been a time for recovering and rebuilding after
Superstorm Sandy and trying to rebound from yet another senseless killing spree.
Wherever you live, I know that the past year has been full of both personal
and national great highs and great lows and I hope that each of you is able
to move into 2013 with hope and a renewed sense of purpose.

The IAC moves into its 10th anniversary year having faced a long struggle with
an unmanageable website platform that created difficulties for people hoping
to join or renew their memberships. We recently discovered that 300 people were
never informed that their membership had lapsed and we have extended their memberships
to create the opportunity for them to renew and be counted as continuing members.
Despite these glitches, we’ve had many wonderful new members join us along
the path to coaching mastery. We’re especially proud to have created student
memberships. Two of those student members are so eager to move along the path
to certification that they are becoming full members so that they can immediately
take the Step 1 exam.


I was recently contacted by the ICF in relation to our use of the MCC designation.
When the BOG adopted this designation, we were unaware that the ICF held a trademark
on it. We have decided, therefore, to change our designations to better reflect
the central focus of the IAC—the IAC Masteries™. These are the new official

Master Masteries Coach—can be abbreviated as MMC

Certified Masteries Coach

Masteries Practitioner—should not be abbreviated.

Please change your personal information to reflect these changes as soon as
you can. We expect to make the changes on the website and issue new certificates
by the end of February.

of Governor Changes

are delighted to be adding two new members to the Board of Governors in January.
Penni Wild has been a long-time IAC member and M. Shanmugam (Shan) co-created
last year’s conference in Kuala Lumpur. We are still looking for additional
BOG members and some wonderful volunteers, especially to support membership,
chapters and communication activities. If you’re interested, please email

Webinars, Webinars (and Member Calls)

By February, we will have rolled out two webinar series. One will be hosted
by Ed Britton, Kristi Arndt and Susan Meyer and will feature leading IAC coaches
talking about best practices. The second will be hosted by Kim Ades and will
feature a different member benefit each month.

Of course, the call recordings will be available to you in the members-only
area of the website if you can’t be on the line. We are planning to move
to a new platform so that you will both be able to see the presentation and
participate in large and small group discussions.

We will also continue to have member chats and will open a few of these to
everyone who is interested in the IAC. One has been scheduled for January 10,
2013 from 7:00–8:00 a.m. Eastern, and a second will be from 7:00–8:00
a.m. Eastern on January 24, 2013.

on Our Licensees, Chapters and Scholars

The IAC licensees do a wonderful job of teaching the Masteries? and helping
their students prepare for certification, and we want to do everything we can
to support them. In January, we will be sending out our new Licensees Handbook
as well as supporting documents including information on how to best evaluate
practice coaching sessions. In addition, we’re creating a special section
of the website exclusively for licensees that will include a forum for them
to connect with each other.

already have space on the website for our chapters and hope that all Chapter
Heads are taking advantage of this opportunity for potential members to find
them. In addition, starting this month, all chapters should submit upcoming
activities to
for inclusion in the VOICE and posting on the website.

Finally, we will be working to make our research area more accessible and invite
anyone who is doing research or has an interest in research related to coaching
using the IAC Masteries? to use this resource.


Next month, look for an announcement about how we are honoring all our Past
Presidents and a few members who have been with us from the beginning. We’ll
be planning surprises all year, all designed to make your IAC membership even
more valuable.

Looking forward to an exiting, productive 2013!

warm wishes for your success,
Susan R. Meyer

Susan R. Meyer, MMC is President of Susan R. Meyer, Coaching
and Consulting and of Life-Work Coach. She provides personal and executive
coaching and facilitates seminars on topics including life planning,
emotional intelligence, leadership development, communication, and
coaching skills for managers.

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