From the President

by Susan R. Meyer, MCC (IAC)

Spring Forward

In my part of the world, spring is coming. I love the regenerative feeling that comes with spring and as Daylight Savings time approaches here it is also time to "spring forward." Even though the seasons may be different in your part of the world and you may not be setting your clock forward an hour, I invite all members of the IAC to spring forward with me.

What do I mean by spring forward? Expand. Stretch. Grow. Experiment. Try something new. Learn something new. What have you always wanted to add to your coaching practice? What do you want to learn that will move you along your personal pathway to coaching mastery?

Here are three things I'll be doing:

  1. Submitting my first IAC Learning Agreement
  2. Creating webinars and teleseminars for the IAC
  3. Sharing the message that it's the perfect time to be an active member of the IAC

As most of my coaching is with senior managers in municipal government, my work with them will be the focus of my learning agreement. I'd like to take a closer look at how the Masteries can inform good leadership and can be the core of an effective manager's approach. As I move forward with this, I'll share my learning agreement—and create a way for others to share theirs—and invite feedback.

We're a brilliant bunch. And it seems to me that our membership and the world at large isn't getting the opportunity to see this. To address this, starting in March the IAC will host monthly learning experiences. We'll begin with a live version of the Inside Scoop Ask the Certifiers column.

We'll follow this with a series of webinars on special topics or approaches that will help us all expand our toolkits and our thinking. Because our membership is worldwide, these will be available through an instant access platform. We'll be approaching our licensees and our Master Certified Coaches in the coming months to lead these sessions. Right now, I'm turning to you, our VOICE reader, for advice and suggestions. My passion is for developing emotional intelligence in leaders, but I realize that may be of no interest to you. What are your needs and concerns? What topics get you excited? Email me directly at to tell me what you'd like to learn.

It’s also time to spring forward to grow the IAC. I want to get you all so excited that you can't wait to tell people why you're an IAC member. Then, I need you to go ahead and tell everyone you know. As you can see from everything I've shared with you today, I plan to give you plenty to talk about—now you just need to start talking!

With warm wishes for your success,
Susan R. Meyer


Susan R. Meyer, MCC (IAC) is President of Susan R. Meyer, Coaching and Consulting and of Life-Work Coach. She provides personal and executive coaching and facilitates seminars on topics including life planning, emotional intelligence, leadership development, communication, and coaching skills for managers.

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