From the President

by Susan R. Meyer, IAC-CC

As we usher in 2012, we are also ushering in changes within the Executive Committee and the Board of Governors. We move into 2012 with a new Executive Committee:

Dr. Susan R. Meyer, President

Dr. Kristi Arndt, Vice President

Tatiana Abend, Secretary

Vicki Zanini, Treasurer

Bob Tschannen-Moran, Past President

I’d like to express gratitude to two Board members: Alison Davis, who will remain as a Certifier and continue to be involved in the translation of the Masteries, and Walter Besecker, who has done an incredible job as our Treasurer.

I’d also like to thank Bob Tschannen-Moran for his service as President as well as his two predecessors, Angela Spaxman and Natalie Tucker Miller. Natalie shepherded the IAC through the transition from Proficiencies to Masteries. Angela spearheaded our strategic plan and Bob took the lead in getting the ideas you shared with us in place, including the establishment of the Practitioner designation, redesign of the logo and website, and the implementation of Learning Agreements.

As I assume the presidency, I am mindful of having a responsibility to all of you to continue this process of creating a more responsive, learning-centered professional organization. During the past two years, I have been involved with the Strategy Committee, the Research Committee and the Certification Committee and have served as Secretary and Vice President of the Board.

In my new role, I will continue to support these committees in implementing new initiatives. The Research Committee, led by Kerryn Griffiths, has developed a new research area on the website. The Certification Board, led by Natalie Tucker Miller, is on the verge of a huge announcement—just wait until next month!

We still have work to do to be fully responsive to you. At the top of my agenda is fixing the remaining few glitches in the website so that accessing information and renewing your membership are seamless processes. Beginning next month, I want to offer more and more reasons for you to actively recruit new members. I take Expanding the Path to Coaching Mastery very seriously. My promise to all of you is to provide more ways for us to learn and grow together to make that mission a reality around the world.

I have a virtual open door—an open Inbox—so please contact me; both to let me know how you’d like to help and to let me know what else we should be doing.

With warm wishes for your success,
Susan R. Meyer

Susan R. Meyer, IAC-CC is President of Susan R. Meyer, Coaching and Consulting and of Life-Work Coach. She provides personal and executive coaching and facilitates seminars on topics including life planning, emotional intelligence, leadership development, communication, and coaching skills for managers.

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  1. Welcome, President Meyer! We are grateful to you for your past, present and future service to the IAC; and are 110% behind you. The best is yet to come.

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