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by Bob Tschannen-Moran, IAC-CC

As the new Board of Governors of the IAC comes together and organizes its work and leadership for the year ahead, I am so impressed by the pure intentions of our members. That, it seems to me, is one of the most important integrity points for a non-profit association. I am pleased that the IAC is holding fast and living up to that standard.

What do I mean by pure intentions? I mean being focused first and foremost on the mission of the organization and the profession. To paraphrase the late US President, John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what the IAC can do for you; ask rather what you can do for the IAC and what the IAC can do for the world.” When that is our focus, the rest will follow.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong or unnatural about self-interest; we all have it. As coaches, ranging back to our founder Thomas Leonard, we frequently work with ourselves and our clients around the concept of “extreme self-care.” But self-interest and self-care, like success and happiness, are by-products rather than ends in themselves. When we make these things our goals, they become harder to attain and enjoy. When we follow our passions, however, these by-products come our way with much less effort and much more fulfillment.

For those of us on the Board of Governors, realizing the IAC mission is our passion. We are not paid for what we do and we are not here to get business or to pad our resumes. We have joined the Board of the IAC to work together and serve the cause: “to advance coaching to the highest standards of universal excellence” and to “further the interests of coaching clients worldwide through a rigorous certification of coaches and the highest ethical, professional and business standards.”

Those statements are currently being reviewed and refined as part of our strategy and long-range planning process, but one thing is clear: the IAC wants not only to be the best in the world; it wants to be the best for the world. We truly believe that coaching makes a positive, life-enriching contribution to individuals, organizations and the planet. We also truly believe that the IAC makes a positive, life-enriching contribution to coaching. That’s why our Board members and volunteers are knocking themselves out to make the IAC the best it can possibly be.

Our leadership team of BOG members, staff and volunteers is currently emerging as follows:

  • Executive Committee: Bob Tschannen-Moran, Joan Johnson, Susan Meyer, Walter Besecker, Angela Spaxman
  • Budget & Finance: Walter Besecker
  • Strategy & Long-Range Planning: Angela Spaxman, Joan Johnson, Yoram Gordon, Kerul Kassel, Aileen Gibb
  • Communications & Website Makeover: Sue Brundege, Jenny Blake, Linda Dessau
  • Certification: Natalie Tucker Miller, Susan Meyer, Alison Davis
  • IAC Coaching Masteries® Translation: Bonnie Chan, Alison Davis
  • IP & Licensing Activities: Angela Spaxman, Nad Phillips, Alison Davis
  • Local & Virtual Chapters: Kate Larsen, Doris Helge, Nad Phillips, Angela Davis
  • Volunteers: Kristi Arndt
  • Member Benefits: Kerul Kassel
  • Coaching Research: Kerryn Griffiths, Kerul Kassel, Susan Meyer, Alison Davis, Natalie Tucker Miller

And let's not forget the invaluable work of Diana McFarlane, our virtual assistant involved in just about every one of our endeavors. If you would like to connect with or work in any of these areas, then I would encourage you to join or renew your membership in the IAC and let Diana know of your interest. You can reach her at

Next Month: HAVING FUN

May you be filled with goodness, peace and joy,
Bob Tschannen-Moran, MDiv, IAC-CC, CWC
President, IAC®

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