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by Angela Spaxman

Coaching is at a key crossroads within a maturing industry. Some see the need for additional standards, licensing and credentialing. They would use the new coaching research to codify the practice. Others see the need to diversify the practice of coaching, to facilitate the spread of the coaching approach into many realms in society and across the world. They would use the new research to innovate and increase effectiveness.

Our recent strategic visioning process has confirmed that the IAC is firmly in the second camp. We are here to help coaches do excellent work that brings them success. And we also aspire to bring coaching more fully into the world so that it can be of most benefit.

The IAC was born as the result of dissatisfaction with the trend of other coaching organizations. So it is inspiring to me to see us re-confirming our values now. I hope that other coaches who support this vision of coaching will join us too.

Help Us Set Our Strategy

While our direction is clear, how we will do it is unfolding every day. This week I summarized hundreds of ideas from our strategy sessions into 38 possible strategies. In January we will be sharing this draft and asking for your input again, to help us choose our priorities and gather more ideas on how to achieve our goals. Please join us. We need your ideas and support.

Strategy Call #4 (IAC members only):

Jan 12, 2:00-3:30 p.m. Eastern Time (01/12/2010) OR
Jan 14, 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time (01/14/2010)

Please click here to register for the calls or to receive the recordings.

This is my last missive as IAC President. I will turn over the reins to incoming President Bob Tschannen-Moran on December 31, 2009.

It’s hard to describe my feelings about completing my term as President. It is easy to relinquish the responsibility, which was heavy at times, as the role of President brought surprises often just beyond what I felt I was ready to do. Serving as President has meant doing what’s called for, and welcoming the challenge with pleasure and confidence. The role has brought me many priceless lessons and rewarding experiences.

My energy and commitment to the IAC remains strong as I move into the role of Past-President. I'm anticipating the pleasure of choosing new ways I can help move our organization forward from amongst the many great ideas before us. And as a friend reminded me recently, the IAC is not my cause, but our cause, so I know you will be with me too.

I want to say a huge and heart-felt thank-you to two other Board members who will also be stepping down. Des Walsh, our resident social media expert, has been consistent in his support as Chair of our Board meetings and in prodding us towards better web technology. Parker Anderson, outgoing Vice President, has been a wise companion for me as our longest-serving Board member. The energy of her support can be felt thousands of miles away. The IAC owes both Des and Parker an unpayable debt for their time and energy.

All my best for the holidays and the New Year.

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC®

2 thoughts on “From the President”

  1. Thank you Janice. I think I’m more suited to being President than Editor! But I also really enjoyed our collaboration at that time. And it’s so nice to continuing see your thoughts shared here.

  2. This comes with a huge hug of gratitude, Angela. Your dedication, passion, leadership skills and genuine commitment to the IAC and to coaching in general are a real inspiration.
    We’ve been companions on our coaching journeys these last few years, but my favourite collaboration was the wonderful editing you did at VOICE. Your empowering spirit and innate skills really shone and inspired me to be so much better than I could have been without you. Good editors are a blessing; editors who are coaches and friends are a gift to be cherished.
    Best wishes for whatever you do next!

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