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by Angela Spaxman

IAC Strategy Process and the Future of Collaboration

One of the key words emerging from our current strategy process is collaboration. This word is both attractive and challenging. The extent to which we are willing to be guided by this word will be the extent to which we can create what we most want for coaching and the world. It indicates the trend of our times, as by necessity the world must work together to achieve our joint aims.

Our strategic goals are not for us to “be the best” (implying competition) but for us to “create the best” (through collaboration). We can do that most effectively when we collaborate with the other people who want what we want—and there are literally millions of them.

Coaches are good at collaborating since we do this with our clients all the time. But how well can we collaborate with each other, even when we disagree? How do we feel about collaborating with so-called competitors such as other coaching associations? Are we mature enough to stand up for our own values while respecting and even supporting others? Are our goals compelling enough to entice the best collaborators worldwide to work with us?

I’m asking myself these questions as we enter the next phase of our strategy process. So far we’ve worked on our vision—what we want for coaching and the IAC. I outlined the main points last month. We’re now working with all the ideas we’ve collected so far to create a coherent vision which will be ready next month.

Next we will be asking how we will make that vision a reality and we’ve scheduled two calls in January 2010 to brainstorm and collect ideas. Once again this will be a chance to share with fellow IAC members worldwide in two stimulating conversations led by Dave Ellis. Please mark your calendars. I am keen to understand you and collaborate with you.

Strategy Call #4 (IAC members only):

Jan 12, 2:00-3:30 p.m. Eastern Time (01/12/2010) OR
Jan 14, 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time (01/14/2010)

Please click here to register for the calls or to receive the recordings.

Other News

IAC Chapters are the most direct ways for us to collaborate to support each other, improve our coaching and our businesses. We’ve updated our web page so that you can now find our virtual chapters more easily. Take a look here, and follow the links to join a Chapter or start a new one.

The IAC Website Make-Over Committee has been reading dozens of proposals to select a contractor who will help us add features and usability to our website. It’s proving to be an amazing learning opportunity for the Committee. We’re still looking for web-savvy people to help us with this exciting project. The work will begin before the end of the year. To find out more, email Communications Committee Chair Sue Brundege.

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC

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