From the President


by Angela Spaxman

As you know, we are now about half way through our Strategic Planning Process. As the process continues, I am so thankful that we decided to do it with your involvement and with a focus on the distant future.

We are creating a clear and distinctive vision of what we want in the long term and with no limits to our scale of influence. With this foundation, we can create what is most important to us and make much better decisions along the way. By starting with the end in mind, it is much easier to set our priorities now and to design our systems to support what we want, while staying aligned with our resources and focus.

What's becoming clear so far is:

  • We see coaching being used in all aspects of society worldwide.
  • We see that coaching itself will change and develop as it reaches further into the world.
  • We see the need to embrace innovation and diversity in coaching.
  • We see the value of collaborating with other fields in order to advance coaching's reach and effectiveness.
  • We want to expand and improve our certification and development processes.
  • We see the importance for the IAC to be a model organization that expresses the values of coaching as a worldwide movement in innovative ways

I'm reminded of how easy it is to lose sight of the future in our daily efforts to achieve our current needs. If we focus only on our professional credibility, our independence, our financial sustainability, and other similar goals that are born of day-to-day pressures, it is easy to lose sight of what is most important and what we most want to create for our profession and for the world at large. It is only with the foundation of clarity about our highest desires that we can create the association, the profession and the world that we want.

And it is very inspiring to see that our members are motivated not just to have rewarding careers as coaches, but also to create a beautiful world where the value of coaching is maximized and available to all who want it. This is something worth doing.

I also sincerely hope that with your continuing support and the clear thinking of our Board of Governors and other volunteers, we can create an organization that is worthy of the values of coaching.

In the next stage of the process, we will further refine our plans and priorities. Your involvement is most welcome! Please click here to listen to the past recordings and/or register for the next ones.

In other news from the Board, we are currently shortlisting from dozens of proposals for a major website makeover. Our website will be easier to navigate and will have enhanced features for the coach directory, member interaction and more. If you have expertise in copywriting, design or IT and would like to contribute your knowledge, please contact me and I will fill you in on how you can help.

We are also planning our presence at the December International Coach Federation (ICF) conference in Florida. Will you be there? If you'd like to support us in preparing for this event, please contact me.

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC

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