From the President


by Angela Spaxman

Have you registered yet to take part in the IAC's Strategic Planning Process? It is exciting to see the quality of people who are going to be joining these discussions about the future of coaching and the IAC. I hope you will join us, too.

Some of you may remember the inspiring open conference calls around the time the IAC was "invented," when Thomas Leonard called forth our idealism and hope in a spirit of collaboration. Thomas led us in conversations about the potential, the future and the secrets of coaching, and so many of us were drawn in and inspired to make coaching a key part of our lives.

What do coaches do that creates that kind of energy? How do we elicit our sense of urgency for coaching to make its mark in the world? What becomes free in us when we play together like children, while inventing our futures like the brilliant people that we are?

I've seen it many times: coaches getting together to create something bigger than themselves. As expert conversationalists and dreamers, we are ideally suited for this role. With an engaging question and some structure, we are bound to evoke some new ideas while having a marvelous time together. We'll be warm and direct, truthful and optimistic. And with this kind of collaboration, we are well-placed to continue creating a professional organization (the IAC) that proudly represents the spirit of coaching. I can hardly wait to get started!

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC®

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