From the President


by Angela

The future of coaching – how will it be?
And how do you want it to be?

Last month I described the IAC's values of
diversity and innovation, and this month I want to mention another one:
collaboration. Collaboration means working together towards common goals. It is
a cornerstone of coaching and a gift for our field because upholding this value
allows us to create a diversity of strong, specialized organizations to provide
for everything we need as an industry.

Over the past few years, the creativity of
coaches has produced professional organizations, schools, research institutes,
local community groups, online forums, specialty services tailored to coaches,
volunteer groups, and more. All of these groups have a unique place and value.

As our whole industry grows organically,
the IAC will collaborate with those groups who share our values while we
continue to tread the unique path that is our special contribution to the world
of coaching. How can you collaborate with us to bring the gift of masterful
coaching further into the world? Well, let me tell you!

In August we will kick-off the IAC's Strategic Planning process with a series of
webinars where we will envision together what we want for the future of our
profession and association. This is the first time we have initiated a
conversation on this scale. I can hardly wait to get started in the fascinating conversations we are going to create

In the first six years of the IAC, we have
created a sustainable membership association with the foundational systems and
standards that express our values for mastery, ethics, diversity and innovation.
Now we are inviting you, our members and subscribers, to share your ideals for
the future of the IAC. As the whole world both struggles in adversity and
reaches new heights of cooperation and compassion, it is appropriate and even
imperative that coaches also join together to envision our best possible future.
We will be looking at the whole industry first, before we turn our attention
specifically to the IAC and the part we can best play in the world of

Please don’t delay to mark your calendars and register for the time slots that
suit you. I am so eager to hear your voices!

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC®


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