From the President


by Angela

What meaningful and fun work! This month
at the IAC we are connecting, visualizing and clarifying. I'm excited because I
know these are three complimentary ways to create a future that we all desire.


Is it true that connections of the mind,
heart and soul are the source of all progress? I've learned to create
opportunities for making great connections because of the joy and success I've
felt them bring to my life. This month I'm attending the annual Conversation
Among Masters (CAM) conference where I'll be meeting some key IAC members and
supporters and no doubt making and deepening connections that form the basis of
our strength. How well are you connected to your fellow IAC members?


What a thrill to visualize the ideal
future! I'm excited to confirm that we have enlisted the support of Dave Ellis, author
of Creating Your Future, to guide us through a strategy development process over
the next few months. We will create a 10- to 50-year vision for the coaching
industry and identify our strategies and priorities. Please watch for special
notices coming soon to enlist your participation. We are keen to involve you in
what is sure to be a fascinating and important initiative for the IAC. As part
of the project, we will be collecting feedback and ideas from our external
stakeholders. If you would like to get involved in this part of the project,
please contact Joan Johnson at


So often our 'aha' moments come when we
clarify and articulate something we have known internally and yet never
expressed. Human progress is marked by the process of clarifying. With this
value in mind, I'd like to express my deep appreciation for the IAC
Certification Board for completing the newest version of the IAC Coaching
Masteries® E-book. This team, led by Nina East, spent countless hours
evaluating coaching sessions and putting the subtleties of masterful coaching
into clear, international language that can help all of us improve our coaching
proficiency. For some new understanding on what makes excellent coaching, pick up your copy from the IAC website.

Wishing you fruitful connections,
inspiring visualizations and insightful clarifications this month!

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC



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