From the President


by Angela

Is the IAC® living up to our potential as an organization? How well are
we achieving our mission: to advance coaching to the highest standards of
universal excellence
? What new services, policies or practices would help
us do more? These are the questions I'm asking myself, and asking you.

Clearly the world needs to go through a dramatic period of change. I want to
be part of that, and I know that coaching adds tremendous power and humanity
to this essential drive for change. How can the IAC® more powerfully support
high-quality coaching so that we can be a catalyst for positive change?

By sharing your thoughts, you can be part of the solution. And there is already
a fascinating dialogue on this topic going on at the IAC® Volunteers Forum.
To add your thinking, IAC
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As you may know, Andrea J. Lee recently launched a new
featuring content from our Founder, the late Thomas J. Leonard.
The resources there are an opportunity to reconnect with the energy that Thomas
created in the world of coaching. And for those who never knew Thomas, it's
a chance to find out what all the fuss is about. Thomas was a very special individual,
and his cutting-edge thinking still influences the IAC® through his original
concept. Thomas inspired many coaches and continues to inspire the IAC®.

According to Andrea, one of Thomas's success strategies was to "find the
extreme." Extremes are provocative and very attractive. When extremes are
used in designing organizations and in marketing, they force innovation. So
of course I am now wondering, what extremes does the IAC® represent in the
marketplace of coaching? Are we "the simplest" coach certification
program in the world? Do we represent "the highest" standards of coaching
in the world? Those are two extremes I would aspire to. What other extremes
could we represent as a coaching association? Note: thanks to our new blog format,
you can now add your comments below.

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC®


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