From the President


by Angela

As our 6th anniversary approaches, the IAC® Board is planning to renew
our long-term strategy with a participatory process involving you! Within the
next month or two, we will be inviting you to tell us what you envision for
the coaching industry as a whole and specifically what you want from the IAC®.

The IAC®'s success so far has been largely due to the brilliant concept
of our certification system as envisioned by Thomas Leonard in 2002. The leaders
of the IAC® have now implemented the foundations of that concept and made
it a reality. It's now time for us to dream bigger. How can we serve you, our
members, better? How can we create a flourishing and innovative coaching profession
that drives human evolution as we are called to do?

Although the strategy process has not started yet, we are already collecting
your ideas. To be an early contributor, please join the discussion on the IAC®
Volunteers Forum at:
(members only – to join, please visit

This month I am thrilled to welcome three new Board Members, all of whom have
committed to serve you through the IAC®:

Walter Besecker is a highly experienced, qualified and humble man who
will fulfill the role of Treasurer. I am most grateful to have his expertise
and commitment for this crucial role in our team.

Tony Betts is a coach, coach trainer and businessman based in the U.K.
with much international experience. He will bring a European perspective and
a very wise approach to leadership.

Kristi Arndt has been contributing her enthusiasm and energy to the
IAC® for the past year as the Volunteer Coordinator. By joining the Board,
she will be more connected to all our behind-the-scenes activities and better
able connect you, our members, to the perfect volunteer opportunities for you.

Finally, I want to echo a message I received this week from one of my coaching
friends. She reminded me that this time of economic challenge is a time of readjustment
and a perfect time for slowing down, stepping back and reflecting. The natural
laws are bringing us 'yin' to balance the 'yang' we have been running on. It's
a time for change and for personal growth. It is a perfect time for coaching.

Let's not forget to see the perfection in the times we are living in.

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC®


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