From the President


by Angela

We are very excited to welcome five new Board Members to our organization.

They are all talented individuals with strong coaching experience and diverse
backgrounds that will add significantly to our strength as an organization.
To give you an idea of the diversity, we are welcoming Yoram Gordon from Israel,
Joan Johnson from Australia and Mike
from Generation Y! Three of our new members,
Bob Tschannen-Moran,
Yoram and Joan have roots going back to Thomas Leonard and our founding. Our
new Board Members Sue
and Mike come from other coaching schools helping to broaden our
perspective. I am very proud that we have attracted such talented and diverse
leaders to the IAC and I expect you will start to see the fruits of their contributions
very soon.

As we welcome the new with anticipation, we are also saying good-bye with gratitude.
The IAC you see today is largely the result of efforts by three of our Board
Members who have completed their terms and are stepping down.

Our Past President Natalie
Tucker Miller
now closes a chapter on her massive contributions to the IAC,
and she will continue to work with the Certification Board. Diane
served us intensively over four years on the Board contributing
to all the crucial changes we made during that time. Diane is moving on to even
bigger things as the President of the
. Our faithful and inspired Treasurer Jean
is completing her term to take a well-earned rest from volunteer work.
While her work happened largely behind the scenes, it has been vitally important
and she has laid a strong foundation for others to build on.

I believe the best way to thank volunteers for their contributions is to support
the continuing expression of their vision. I hope you will join me in committing
to support the continuing growth and development of the IAC as a measure of
appreciation to those on whose shoulders we stand.

Here's to your success in 2009!

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC


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