From the President


by Angela

As markets plummet, what can we do to help?

This is the question on my mind, inspired by the book “Leaving Microsoft
to Change the World” by John Wood. Here is a man who at 35 gave up a rewarding
corporate career to literally change the world through providing books to 3rd
world children in need. He voluntarily gave up his lucrative job without any
guarantees of personal income or success apart from his own passion for making
his dreams come true.

I feel humbled by his leadership. It makes me re-examine my own commitment
to evolving humanity. Is it as much as I can do?

These days our financial system is topsy-turvy. And yet nothing has really
changed in terms of how much of ourselves we can give to worthy causes. The
obstacles are not our bank balances but our desires to do what is right for

And no matter what money is lost, nothing has changed in terms of our other
resources: our educations, experiences, our mature physical and spiritual selves.

I can imagine so many ways that coaches can help in these times: by creating
positive moods and goals; by supporting and encouraging those facing losses;
by revealing new choices; and by provoking people with power to operate from
their highest integrity.

In this effort, the IAC provides a foundation that encourages the highest possible
coaching quality, and I hope supports you in providing help through your coaching.
How else can we help you to give?

It is timely that the IAC is now actively seeking more volunteer contributions
to continue building an organization that creates and promotes coaching excellence.
You’ll see our call
for leaders to join our Board of Governors
. And by following this
, you can volunteer for a position that suits your strengths and desires.
We want to be influenced by you. This is our way to evolve together as coaches,
and give.

The IAC volunteers are working hard on our current initiatives which include:
the licensing program for the IAC Coaching Masteries™; an improved editorial
process; more resources to connect and support our volunteers; new member benefits;
new resources to promote coaching globally; more website interactivity and re-examination
of the long-term vision for our organization.

For the work being done and the work to be done, I am thankful.

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC


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