From the President


by Angela

Coaches who are working towards IAC Certification
are like Olympic athletes striving towards
excellence. This process of certification
prompts coaches to reach for their best,
building their muscles of acceptance, honesty,
clarity and love. Those skills may not win
them any medals, but they achieve good in
the world by the way they lift others and
the way they cherish themselves. I want
to give a hearty cheer to all those champions
who are pushing their own coaching abilities
to the limit of greatness, and also to those
teachers and mentors of coaching who are
helping others to reach for excellence.
You all do our profession proud. You are
the soul of the IAC.

summer we've been working on two major projects.
The first is to complete the first ever
audit of the IAC's financial records. We
intend to set a benchmark through this project
for our financial professionalism that will
serve as a foundation as we grow. Our thanks
go to our Treasurer Jean
for leading this project.

Secondly, we are working on the final legal
documentation for the IAC Coaching Masteries
Licensing Program that will enable us to
better support all those coaching schools
and mentors who want to help coaches achieve
IAC Certification. I'm very excited about
this initiative because it will allow us
to better connect coaches-in-training with
the resources that can move them effectively
to achieving certification. This important
step for the IAC has been years in the making
through hundreds of hours of volunteer effort.
I expect to be able to announce the details
this fall.

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC


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