From the President


by Angela

The values of the IAC are one of the main
forces that draw us together. They are a
legacy we inherited right from the beginning—from
Thomas Leonard's inspiration to start an
organization like ours. While we have a
written mission, vision and purpose, we
have never written down our values. And
yet I'm sure you, our members, have a sense
of what those values should be. They should
both define our organization and also model
the best of the field of coaching.

Although our values have never been formally
declared, I’m also sure that if the
IAC fails to live up to the values you expect,
you will feel a loss.

What are those values? We need your feedback
to know what values are important to you
and how well you believe the IAC is living
up to your expectations. Please email
. Now is a good time to tell us what
you think.

For me, one of the things I value about
the IAC is that we strive to serve from
a place beyond our egos. Without fear, we
want to be generous, open and trusting while
working in integrity. It's exciting and
challenging to work with a group of people
who, as coaches, are more aware than most
of how well they are holding themselves
to those values. We are definitely still
human beings! And I greatly appreciate the
opportunity to work with evolving human

There are some people I would especially
like to thank for the impact they have on
the evolving IAC values. One is Des
, a member of our Board of Governors,
who ably chairs our meetings with great
skill, diplomacy and humility. By keeping
us on track he upholds the values we espouse.
Another is Janice
, the author of Coaching Moments,
now on holiday somewhere by the sea, who
by expressing her authentic vision of coaching
inspires and uplifts many coaches. I'd also
like to thank all those people who achieved
their IAC-CC certification this year. Through
your commitment to coaching excellence,
you help us create our vision.

Wishing you all enjoyment of the weather,
whatever it may be where you are!

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC


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