From the President


When people ask me about the IAC's place
in the world of coaching, I say we are the
Mac as opposed to the PC. We're smaller,
we're progressive and we're design-oriented.
Our aim is to create a platform (a coaching
certification system) that encourages people
(coaches) to innovate (learn in whatever
way works best for them to coach masterfully).
Our customers (members) are eager to be
different—in spite of occasional compatibility
problems (many people have not yet heard
of the IAC)—in support of a better way
of doing things (a coach certification system
that is welcoming to all while promoting
excellence, innovation and learning). While
our platform is different, we are still
aligned with other coaching organizations
in that we champion the coach approach and
high ethical standards, just as different
computer platforms advance humanity’s
ability to think and communicate.

This month the IAC Board of Governors has
been working behind the scenes on issues
that may not be very interesting or inspiring,
but are nonetheless critical to our advancement.
We've been improving our technology, clarifying
operating policies, making connections with
potential supporters and creating project
teams. I'm very grateful to all the volunteers
for all those little pieces of time, thought
and energy that go into creating this organization.

Vice President Parker Anderson and
President Angela Spaxman get some fact time at CAM 2008.

We've also been “sharpening the saw.”
In April a group of IAC Board Members and
former Board Members attended A Conversation
Among Masters
conference in North Carolina,
U.S. It was a delightful treat to meet each
other in person and strengthen our connections
throughout the wider community of experienced
coaches. I personally gained some major
insights regarding the power of connecting
on an energetic level. And some of the connections
we made are already adding energy and value
to our organization.

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC


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