From the President


by Angela

What is going on at the IAC? What are the
growing edges?

Since I took up the role of President last
month I’ve been focusing mostly on
the big picture of our organization. So
I thought it would be useful to share with
you some of the growing edges, so you can
clarify your expectations of us and find
the sweet spots that are of most benefit
to you.

The growing edges are the most important
parts of the IAC, because those are the
places where coaches enthusiastically contribute
their energy. They include:

  • local chapters and triad/buddy groups,

  • the certification process itself,

  • the communications happening through
    the VOICE and the website,

  • the continuing translation and development
    of the IAC Coaching Masteries™ and

  • the leadership opportunities on the
    Board and in the Chapters.

The Board is actively working to develop
stronger foundations in all of these areas
over the coming year.

I want to highlight the first growing edge,
our local chapters and triad/buddy groups.
For most people, the experiences that make
IAC membership really special happen in
these small groups. That’s when you
have a chance to connect with other coaches
who are also keen to develop themselves.
These experiences often result in tremendous learning. The certification challenge
encourages us (forces us?) to delve really
deeply into our own coaching skills and

For myself, I meet regularly with a small
group of wonderful coaches in my local community,
and we’ve devised a way to practice
our coaching with each other. We listen
to each other coaching and we use the IAC
Coaching Masteries™ to evaluate the
results with both compassion and honesty.
Even though we are all busy people, the
experiences we have are so valuable that
we continue to find time to be together.

Right now, we have seven official Chapters
. In addition, I know there
are also many other pockets of coaches who
meet regularly by telephone or in-person
to support each other in improving their
coaching skills. These valuable experiences
push the benefits of coaching further and
further into the world.

you’d like to get more involved in
this growing edge of the IAC, you can start
by connecting with other coaches who have
indicated on their IAC directory listings
that they are available as triad or buddy
coaches. Start your search here.
You can also check to see if there is an
in your area. And if you’d
like to start one, contact Kerri

there another way I can help you get into
the growing edge that’s most important
to you? Please let me know.

Angela Spaxman
President, IAC


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