From the President


by Angela

The team is changing. This month marks
my first as your President. I’m so
excited to be standing before you! It is
an honour and a challenge that I relish.

After almost 2 ½ years, our President,
Natalie Tucker Miller, and Vice President,
Diane Krause-Stetson, have stepped down to
take on less demanding roles in our organization.
It’s no exaggeration to say that the
IAC would not exist without them. That’s
how much we owe them, along with all the
other volunteers who have supported them.
During their term the IAC took some crucial

  • We instituted membership fees and became
    a financially viable organization.

  • We re-launched the website and the VOICE.

  • We completed writing and publishing
    the IAC Coaching Masteries™

  • We updated our entire certification
    system to be based on the IAC Coaching

It’s hard to believe that all of
this, along with the day-to-day running
of the organization, was done almost entirely
through volunteers. Our fabulous Virtual
Assistant, Diana
, looks after much of the administration
and we use contractors for some technical
projects. But apart from that, it is volunteer
brains and brawn that gets things done at
the IAC.

So you can imagine that I may feel daunted
from time to time! I am certainly expecting
to face many challenges in my new role and
I intend to relish the personal growth that
will come as a result. My rewards will be

  1. To forward the vision of the IAC to
    create a worldwide, progressive, transparent
    system of coach certification that welcomes
    coaches from all backgrounds and encourages

  2. To be inspired by the amazing coaches
    who volunteer their time at the IAC, working
    with joy and a spirit of abundance;

  3. To grow as a leader who can enlist
    support and inspire action toward a shared

What do you envision that
is worth pursuing? How will you reward yourself
for taking on a big challenge?

If you’d like to join our team, please
me know
. We are counting on your support.

Angela Spaxman

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