From the President-Elect


By Bob Tschannen-Moran, IAC-CC

A Tribute to Angela Spaxman

The closer I come to taking over as President of the IAC next month, the more intimidated I am by the prospect. That comes in no small respect from the incredible shoes I have to fill, of my predecessor Angela Spaxman. Wow! Angela has offered the IAC the perfect combination of hard work, wise counsel, eloquent expression and institutional memory.

I’m not sure what else Angela does with her life and work in Hong Kong, but one thing is clear: the IAC has been a heartfelt passion that receives far more time and attention from Angela than the organization has any right to expect. We have benefited greatly from her exceptional efforts and I look forward to continuing that tradition as best I can.

In the past year alone, Angela has been instrumental in:

  • Raising the visibility of the IAC,
  • Improving our organizational policies and procedures,
  • Creating the Mastery licensing program (currently with 26 licensees),
  • Launching a far-reaching strategy process that will serve us well for years to come, and
  • Initiating a website makeover process that will support the evolution of the IAC as a global leader in coaching certification, community and mastery.

It is hard to imagine anyone doing more in one year to launch us into the future. Thank you, Angela, for all that you have done, are doing and will do for the IAC.

I say "will do" because the best news is that Angela is staying on the Board of Governors (BOG) as Past President, as my special advisor and to work on a number of other projects. That will help us to preserve institutional memory and get the work done up to the high standards that Angela has set. With others on the BOG retiring and moving on at the end of this month, including our Vice-President, M. Parker Anderson, and our BOG meeting facilitator, Des Walsh, Angela’s continuing presence and work will prove to be especially important.

You can catch wind of what Angela has meant to this community by reading a few select remarks from those who know Angela best. The final comment, from our retiring Vice-President, says it best: "Thank you hardly seems to be enough."

"Angela is a paradox of laid back efficiency. And that ability to lead and get things done in such an easygoing way is a rare talent." ~ Tony Betts

"Angela's commitment to the IAC is evident in the visible positions she's held as Editor of the VOICE and President of the Board. What people may not know is that she had worked tirelessly for the IAC well before her name was ever printed in the newsletter or posted on the website. I've had the distinct honor to work with Angela on a variety of projects, and her dedication, vision, reach and insights have helped to shape the IAC into the global organization it is today. She continually reflects on her leadership and models a coaching approach that inspires others to do the same. I am one of the lucky ones who will continue to work with Angela on various projects while the IAC continues to benefit from her contributions." ~ Natalie Tucker Miller

"Angela has been supportive and encouraging with her guidance over this last year as I settled into my role as editor of the VOICE. She has helped me connect with the bigger work of the IAC as a whole. That has made a huge difference to the pride and investment I feel in my small part in that important mission." ~ Linda Dessau

"When I approached the IAC with an interest to volunteer, Angela was my first contact. In our very first conversation, she so clearly embodied the type of organization–one with integrity, compassion and vision–that I wanted to become involved with. As I’ve worked with and have gotten to know Angela better over the past year or so, she continued to impress me with her clarity of thought, her leadership skills and her capacity to make decisions that benefit both the IAC and the coaching profession in general. Not to mention that she’s a wonderful, caring, interesting person! It has been a pleasure and an honor to be on the IAC board with Angela at the helm, and I look forward to our continued professional collaboration for years to come!" ~ Sue Brundege

"The IAC will always be in particular debt to Angela for maintaining the continuity of highly dedicated and professional leadership set by previous Presidents. She was willing to step up and be President, when no one else was available to be nominated. What could have been a time when the BOG lost momentum became a time of consolidation and further achievement under her intelligent, imaginative and always inclusive leadership." ~ Des Walsh

"Angela stepped into the role of leadership both kicking and screaming and also with that thoughtful and calm manner in which she approaches life. She truly understood that her time was NOW to be an IAC leader and what a difference that has made to and for all of us. She has demonstrated a leadership style that is inviting and welcoming. She has shared her skills and talents in a broad-based manner and has never faltered when it comes to expanding her own learning and growth potential.

As a result, Angela led the IAC into new realms of possibilities across the globe. She truly made the organization international in scope. It is a real coup for the IAC to have had a leader such as Angela emerge from the ranks of volunteer into being a premier and masterful, coach, motivator and leader extraordinaire. Thank you hardly seems to be enough to say, however, thank you is said with heartfelt appreciation." ~ M. Parker Anderson-Mabry

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