The Future of Coaching: Profession. Leadership. Cultural.

The Future of Coaching: Profession. Leadership. Cultural.
By José Manuel “Pepe” del Río, Vice President, IAC

Coaching is still in its earliest stages, and will keep developing as a profession, leadership, and cultural phenomenon. In many ways, coaching has been around for centuries using other names and the essence has prevailed until today.

As a profession, my vision of the future of coaching is that it will develop in a similar way like the growth of psychology, where you can see different thinking approaches and schools. In this area, coaching as a profession needs to grow and invest more in research as the coaching research is in its earlier stages. The different coaching associations seem to be the perfect place to do it and we will hear more about it in the future. The IAC Coaching Masteries are a perfect topic of investigation in the different arenas where the IAC coaches work, the cultural impact of the Masteries acting as a catalyzer of the tacit knowledge, which is a subject that is yet to be studied with profundity.

As a leadership approach, coaching is here to stay, not only to be used as a managerial skill to improve the learning, communication and potential of the teams, but also as the perfect way to take a step back and reflect about the next decisions and actions to take. When the Masteries are well used they are the perfect vehicle to maximize the human potential and obtain meaningful peak performances.

As a cultural phenomenon, the frame of confidence, responsibility and free will where coaching operates is a paradigm shift for tacit knowledge, self actualization, awakening, evolving consciousness and taking accountability. Once again we will have the opportunity to see many coaching cultural topics of investigation, for example the difference and impact of a culture that is based in confidence rather than price or punishment. Every coach and client in the world is in a position to shape the face of humanity and impact our future in many positive ways.
Which is how I see the future of coaching!

José Manuel “Pepe” del Río

José Manuel "Pepe" del RíoExecutive & Career Coach
Working with clients all around the world. Founder and head coach of del Río training, a boutique Coaching and training company, with 22 years working and supporting executives and organizations, communicating and building high performance cultures, that help people become their best version.

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