“Getting Engaged With Your Clients”

“Getting Engaged With Your Clients”

“Comprometerse con sus clientes”

by Terry Lipovski, BA, Certified Masteries Coach |certified executive coach | speaker coach

IMG1ENGEngagement.pngA while back I noticed some of my coaching clients were multitasking during our phone and video coaching sessions. Did they think I couldn’t hear them typing? Upon honest reflection, I realized that I was a big part of the problem. I started to wonder what I could do differently to set a more engaging stage for my clients.

 IAC Coaching Masteries® #1 is Establishing and Maintaining a Relationship of Trust. Most people agree that clients will Trust us more when others see our Competence, such as an IAC® Certification. However, there is another, equally important aspect to the Trust puzzle that is often overlooked: Character. Does my client know that I care about them? Am I transparent and do I exemplify integrity? I decided to invest more time learning even more about my clients than just their Goals and Objectives. I learned to intentionally take more time asking questions about their history, their families and their leisure activities. This helps create a better bond that is foundational to engagement.

 IAC Coaching Masteries®  #7 is Helping the Client Set and Keep Clear Intentions. I always knew that having a high emotional investment was important. However, upon reflection I knew that I could get deeper into the Goal Setting conversations to help my clients build the motivational courage needed to overcome resistance to change and stay more engaged in the process of getting there. Now, when a client says they want to achieve something, I drill down and sideways much more than I ever did. For example, if my client wants to become a VP, I might ask why this important and how their life, and the lives of others would benefit. This elicits strong and lasting positive emotion that is a result of exploring how their Goals align with their Authentic Purpose.

 IAC Coaching Masteries® #3 is Engaged Listening and IAC Coaching Masteries®  #4 is Processing In The Present. At some point It dawned on me that I need to demonstrate my full engagement if I hope to see them engaged as well. I stopped taking notes during sessions (listening to record) and instead focused my full concentration on what is being said verbally, non-verbally, and what is not said. I now write session notes after the call.

 IAC Coaching Masteries® #2 is Perceiving, Affirming and Mastering The Client’s Potential. I am now far more intentional about identifying the potential abilities that my clients can tap into. I remind them of overlooked strengths that would lead them to innovate in new ways, because growth happens at the edge of our comfort zones.

 Much to my surprise, I rarely hear the sound of keyboard typing anymore during my coaching sessions. With deeper Trust,  Purpose-based Goal Setting, Mindful Listening and encouragement for Innovative Efforts, I have found that my clients are more motivated by their goals and are much more deeply engaged in our journey.

VOICE_bio_imagesTerryLipovski.pngTerry Lepovski BA, Certified Masteries Coach is an Executive Coach and Speaking Coach based in Ottawa, the National Capital of Canada.  With over 15 years of coaching leaders and TEDx Speakers, Terry is the President of Ubiquity Leadership Coaching, Author of the eBook Quotes For Leaders and the Host of the Inspiring Leaders Podcast on iTunes.
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