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ढाका चैप्टर

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Ahmed Shaikh Ashif Arif Ahmed, Afia Laila
IAC President-Elect Shan Moorthi, Welcoming the founding members of the IAC Dhaka, Bangladesh Chapter. Dr Ahmad Shaikh Ashif, Arif Ahmed and Afia Laila.
अध्याय पता 324/B Jafrabad, West Dhamondi, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh
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This March 11th and throughout the month we celebrate the 16th anniversary of the creation of the IAC.We invite you to celebrate with us and join the mission to learn and expand the path to the Coaching Masteries www.certifiedcoach.org

The work toward creating the IAC® began in June of 2002, led by Thomas J. Leonard, who is often credited as the founder of the modern coaching profession. Thomas was a champion and model of masterful coaching.

The IAC® was officially founded on March 11, 2003, exactly one month after Thomas’s death. While he was not here to see the organization be officially born, we know he would be proud of the way in which his mission and wishes for coaches and clients are being carried on by the IAC®.

Thomas was always asking “What separates a great coach from the rest; how do I find a great coach; and, how do I know I am a great coach?”

Thomas’s quest to find – and teach – these answers led to creating 2 different coach training programs and establishing the international standards for coaching certification.

One of his final initiatives before his death was creating the IAC® in order to have a certification process that goes far beyond simple academic or vocational qualifications – far beyond an intellectual understanding of coaching – and a process that acknowledges there are many paths to mastery, including other life and career experiences.

The IAC® embraces universal guidelines, principles, proficiencies, standards and behaviors that make a coach a masterful coach, regardless of profession, geography, or previous schooling.

Modeling this, in 2005 the IAC® undertook the task of evolving the coaching standards to include global perspectives. Over a 24 month period, the team that developed the IAC Coaching Masteries®, worked diligently to provide a model of coaching skills that embodied universal principles of coaching, an awareness of cultural differences, as well as an evolving understanding of coaching.

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अध्याय उद्देश्य और गतिविधियाँ:

Initial focus is to connect with all members in Dhaca, Bengladesh to create a जीवंत कोचिंग समुदाय।

Our goal is to have a monthly virtual meeting and to stay connected online to collaborate between meetings.

We would love for you to stay in touch!

Beginning April 10, and running until Friday जून 7, a stellar cast of IAC professional coaches including the IAC President, and members of the Board of Governors, will be panel members for this Webinar series.

This series will unpack the 9 Masteries for webinar participants in our continuous efforts to upskill our coaching Knowledge, Skills, and Other Abilities (KSOAs).

Webinar by zoom meeting💻🖥️📱

🔘अपने शेड्यूल की जाँच करें और अपने एजेंडे में नोट लें: 5: 30 am San Francisco / Los Ángeles 7: 30 am Ciudad de México / San Jose / ग्वाटेमाला 8: 30 am New York / Lima / बोगोटा / मियामी / क्विटो 9: 30 / सैंटियागो / काराकास / ला पाज़ / सैंटो डोमिंगो 1: 30 pm लंदन 2: 30 pm मैड्रिड / París / रोमा 4: 30 pm दुबई 6: 00 pm बैंगलोर 8: 30 pm बीजिंग / हांगकांग / कुआलालंपुर / कुआलालंपुर वेबिनार विवरण जानने के लिए और कोचों के इस सशक्त समुदाय में व्यक्तिगत और पेशेवर रूप से खुद को विकसित करें! #कोचिंग #IACCoachingMasteries #WebinarSeries #कोच #आईएसी#IACWebinars

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