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एंजेला Spaxman द्वारा

It’s a big world, and it’s a new world! This last month has brought us into the Year of the Ox and undoubtedly also into a new world of hope and change. I’ve been travelling and experiencing some different perspectives from IAC members worldwide that I’d like to share with you.

I was welcomed by 40 coaches and friends at the IAC Pan Greater China Chapters Annual Dinner 2009 in Shenzhen, a city in China that borders Hong Kong. The atmosphere was delightfully warm, and the message I heard strongly from those mostly Chinese coaches was that they want the IAC to be a model for coaching ethics in China. I was thrilled by their sincerity and energy.

I’m currently visiting my family in Vancouver, Canada and I had the chance to meet with a few IAC coaches here, as well. I learned that even IAC members don’t understand what distinguishes us from other coaching organizations. Now that the foundations of our Certification Process and our Licensing Program are in place, we are ready to explain how coaches can use our certification process to gain coaching mastery and how organizations can use our certified coaches to gain assurances of high-quality coaching. We are ready to tell our story and expand in 2009! Will you help us?

I also went to a coaching workshop in California and had the pleasure of connecting with some wonderful coaches with completely different backgrounds from my own. It was heartening to learn how much we have in common as coaches, despite our differing opinions over methodologies. And I was reassured that the IAC Coaching Masteries™ stand up as a common description of masterful coaching.

As the coach training industry continues to discover the best ways to teach coaching, the IAC will be able to prove the effectiveness of shorter or different training approaches, thus allowing us to train more coaches more quickly to a higher standard. And with the changes and challenges that we are facing, the world needs more masterful coaches, right?!

Finally I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to तारा रॉबिन्सन who has stepped down as the IAC’s Secretary after a year of dedicated service. Fortunately our new, very capable Board Member बॉब Tschannen-मोरन is stepping into this Executive Committee position. I’m in awe of the thousands of hours of volunteer effort that go into everything we do as the IAC, from our Board Members to our Chapter Hosts to those who are mastering coaching. And I know all that energy arises from that important desire we share: to bring coaching excellence to the world. Here’s to our success!

एंजेला Spaxman
राष्ट्रपति, IAC
ईमेल: president@certifiedcoach.org
वेब: www.lovingworkandleading.com

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