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एंजेला द्वारा


After an action-packed month, we have three very important launches to announce
this month. Three? Yes, three! I can't believe it!

बहुत देर से बेसब्री से प्रतीक्षा किया हुआ
आईएसी कोचिंग masteries ™ लाइसेंस कार्यक्रम
is here. This License allows commercial coach training companies and
coaching mentors to use the IAC Coaching Masteries™ to teach, train and
coach people towards IAC Certification. Our vision is that IAC
Licensees will support many more coaches to reach IAC Certification,
thus strengthening our membership and our organization. As the
Licensees support coaches to gain the IAC-CC designation, they are
helping us advance coaching to the highest standards of excellence. And
most importantly, these Licensees will help you, our members, reach
your goals for IAC Certification.

If you are interested in teaching or mentoring using the IAC Coaching Masteries™,
कृपया देखें:

आप देख रहे हैं, एक स्कूल या एक संरक्षक के लिए, कृपया देखें:

We're just getting started, so check back as more schools and mentors become
available. I will keep you posted on our progress.

2) आईएसी स्वयंसेवक Groupsite Wouldn't it be great if you could
interact directly, anytime and from anywhere, with everyone around the globe
who's involved with the IAC? Now you can! We've recently created the IAC Volunteers
Groupsite where you can share your questions and ideas and find out what others
are doing in their local IAC Chapters. You can go behind the scenes and get
involved in the movement to advance coaching excellence.

पहले से ही एक आईएसी सदस्य हैं?
यहां क्लिक करे शामिल होने का निमंत्रण अनुरोध करने के लिए।

नहीं अभी तक एक आईएसी सदस्य हैं?
तो फिर इस में शामिल होने और शामिल करने के लिए अपने सुनहरा मौका है।
यहां क्लिक करे to join the IAC. Then follow the instructions on the Member Login
Page to "आईएसी स्वयंसेवकों के साथ शामिल हो जाओ। "

We already have 43 coaches on the site. Will you be the next? Great stuff happens
when coaches get together.

3) We have a new editor. Did you notice? I'm so pleased to welcome
Linda Dessau to our organization. She brings a wealth of experience both as
an editor and a coach and she is a delight to work with. You can read more about
उसे यहाँ। लिंडा का स्वागत करने के लिए, कृपया
उसकी एक ईमेल भेज telling her what
you would like to see in the IAC VOICE.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the people who have made these developments
possible. I am particularly grateful to our
कोषाध्यक्ष जीन ग्रैन, तथा
बोर्ड के सदस्य डायने क्रॉस-स्टेटसन, both highly intelligent professionals who accompanied
me in creating the IAC Licensing Program. I expect their efforts will bring
dividends for many years and for many coaches.

एंजेला Spaxman
राष्ट्रपति, IAC