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Meet the Secretary – Bernie Strout

Meet the Secretary – Bernie Strout

एंजेला Spaxman द्वारा

How did you get involved with the IAC Board?

I was introduced to the IAC by our President, Natalie. Her enthusiasm about coaching and certifying coaches really peaked my interest.

What's involved in your position as Secretary?

As Secretary I am responsible for taking notes on all of our board meetings, recording the notes and posting them for other board members. As Secretary I am also a member of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for supporting our President, helping to resolve issues, finance oversight and filling in the gaps. As a committee we meet at least once a month prior to the board meeting and as needed based upon the needs of the IAC.

What is important to you about the development of the IAC?

For the immediate future I want to see the organization become financially stable. What I mean is that as an organization we can only continue to achieve our goals if we have a stream of income to support the development of the organization. Secondly I want to see the IAC certification become the certification that tells people you are the expert. You, as a coach, have gone above and beyond the standard. The IAC is the ultimate standard, if you will. Thirdly I want to see us develop continuing education for our members that helps them to stay on top of their industry, to bring new skills to organizations where coaching is not necessarily the primary responsibility of a person.

What have you done to develop yourself as a coach?

I am the one member of the board who is not a coach by profession. I am a financial advisor who uses coaching in my profession. As a financial advisor I use coaching as a method to help my clients reach their financial goals -personally, professionally and in business. To develop my skills in this area I am a consummate reader, I develop my skills through courses and I have a number of coaches who coach me.

Hey, that's really interesting, I didn't realize that you're not a coach. So you're a good example of why we changed the last word of our name to 'Coaching'! Are you certified or do you plan to get certified by IAC?

I am currently not certified, though I have this as one of my personal goals to become certified.

Could you tell us a bit more about why you want to get certified, even though you're not a professional coach?

As a financial advisor I use the same set of skills that a good coach will to help my clients reach their financial goals. The area of financial advising that I specialize in is wealth management. To create a plan that is truly customized to my clients I need to really drill down to their true desires – not to except the easy answer. In understanding what drives my client, what their true financial goals are and helping them to stay the course during financial swings I need to be coaching my clients.

In developing and refining my skills it is just a natural conclusion that one should just take the next step and get certification. It's more personal satisfaction for me then anything else. I have always believed that I can learn more about how to help my clients if I am open to learning what other, related professions do and translate that to my practice.

कौन हो तुम को प्रशिक्षित किया है?

Throughout my professional career I have had coaches of one type or another. In my early years it was mentors within the organization who coached me. As I developed my business I have used professional coaches, colleagues and others. Two of my coaches today sit on the board of the IAC.

What else would you like to say to our members?

This is an exciting time for the IAC. In 2007 the IAC certification process will be based upon the IAC Masteries. As we move forward this year I challenge each of our members to get certified if they have not already done so. As an organization we want to be known as the epitome of coaching excellence. To do this we need our members to get certified, to spread the word about the organization and certification, and to get involved in the organization.

You can read more about Bernie at www.ubs.com/fa/bernadettestrout

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