History in the Making – The First Local IAC Chapter Launch

by Kerri Laryea, IAC-CC

certification journey provided a rich, distinctive texture
to the fabric of my coaching and my life. If I hadn't worked
so hard at mastering the proficiencies, I
wouldn't have experienced the same level of personal growth
and professional confidence. I might even have missed out on
friendships I expect will last a lifetime. I've noticed that
when coaches on this certification journey get together,
exchange stories and celebrate the moment, we embroider
beautiful accents into our "coaching" fabric. My inspiration
for starting the first IAC local chapter was to weave an
even richer brocade of connections into my life.

This month we
launched the first ever IAC sanctioned chapter meeting here
in Phoenix, Arizona. Invitations were sent out to all
Arizona coaches in the IAC database. I looked forward to
many eager coaching souls from every part of the state
flocking to a function that promised, above all,
face-to-face connections, fun and celebration.

We were a
smaller group than I'd hoped for, but those who did attend
brought with them the excitement, enthusiasm and energy so
often found when people connect in meaningful, soulful ways.
We shared visions for local collaboration and ways of
promoting excellence in coaching; we traded stories about
our coaching professions and we basked in the pleasure of
each other's company.

Here's what
Pat Beck of Phoenix, Arizona commented: "It is so nice to
make face-to-face connections with coaches who are really
serious about our profession. I'm looking forward to the
next meeting!"

For those of
you IAC members interested in starting your own local
chapter, I'd like to support you. Let's work together to
strengthen our membership on a local level, connect on an
international level, and support the IAC's mission to
inspire the on-going evolution and application of universal
coaching standards. If you think you're ready to start a
chapter, ask yourself these
questions (questions asked of me by my coach in Scotland):

  1. Why do you
    want to start a chapter?

  2. What is your

  3. What would be
    the benefits to chapter members?

  4. What would be
    the defining characteristics of your local chapter?

Please let me
know how I can support you.

Kerri Laryea,

Kerri is a coach,
mentor, wife and mother living in Scottsdale, AZ. Her passion
is spinning a web of connections – threads that connect clients
to coaches, employers to employees, collaborators to projects,
and resources to seekers.

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