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Language Chinese and English
Phone+852 67474234
Email IAChongkong@certifiedcoach.org
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嚟搵我哋嘅專業教練啦 – 11月2日(星期六)的「教練對話-隨時隨地」 正式線上💻📱開通, 唔使再週舟車頓啦!

活動主辦單位:教練咖啡室 及 國際教練協會香港分會

Needs a pair of listening ears but get nobody to turn to?

Come and join our Coaching Conversation: Anytime, Anywhere on-line coaching session on 2 November (Sat) Our professional coaches are all ears.

To register, please click: https://forms.gle/2j9x9NaZs3QG8vcV7

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【IAC 九大精粹®奇妙力量 – M6. 釐清】


10月31日 8:30pm 星期四,



【IAC 九大精粹®奇妙力量 – M5. 表情達意】

今個星期四,10月24日 8:30pm,記得留意我們IAC網上硏討會廣東話系列啦!



La imagen puede contener: 3 personas, personas sonriendo

La imagen puede contener: 3 personas, personas sonriendo

La imagen puede contener: 3 personas, personas sonriendo




參加線上硏討會視頻: https://zoom.us/j/700623703


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CoachingCafeHK & IACHK jointedly presented

9月7日 教練對話隨時隨地
Sept 7 Coaching Conversation: Anytime, Anywhere

好多謝一班既專業又有心的教練 和一班熱愛生命的coachees 來參與這個教練界Speed Coaching 活動. 儘管外間風雨飄搖,生命和生活還是可以更美好的。

Thanks for the support of a team of professional and passionate coaches, their participation in this Speed Coaching activities made a good day to our coachees in this Speed Coaching activities.

Yay…Life can be even better in a turbulent time.

下一次嘅活動時間係11月2日星期六,mark 低呢一日。 希望到時見到你。

The upcoming session will be on 2 November 2019, pencil it down on your diary. Hope to see you then

報名 | registraton: 👉 https://forms.gle/2j9x9NaZs3QG8vcV7

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#China #HongKong #Taiwan
IAC 九大精粹「魅力大学堂」– The Magic of the IAC Coaching Masteries®
晚上8:30 Zoom 会议室连结网址:(会议前发出)

我們從IAC的DNA開始 IAC 总会会长:Pepe Del Rio(墨西哥)
IAC 总会下任会长 (2020-2021):Shan Moorthi(马来西亚)
亚洲华人 IAC 代表:Leanne Chan(香港)Monica Siu(香港)、林美杏 Mei Hsin (Mandy)(台湾), 翻譯:庞迪Denise pang(新加坡), 岳迎Mary(中国大陆)
場控:黃大偉 David(台灣)

精粹 # 1 Masteries # 1 2019/7/11 Jasmine Zhang, Jiangsu, China / Fan Que, Jiangsu, China / Jinny Wang, Taiwan / Chen Cuixia, Jiangsu, China

精粹 # 2 Masteries # 2 2019/7/18 Grace Yang, Jiangsu, China / Jonny Lee, Taiwan / Vicky Lee, Taiwan / Mary Lu, Jiangsu, China

精粹 # 3 Masteries # 3 2019/7/25 Monica Siu, Hong Kong / Audrey Chen, Jiangsu, China / David Lin, Taiwan / Daisy Hua, Jiangsu, China

精粹 # 4 Masteries # 4 2019/8/1 Mary Yue, Jiangsu, China / Zeng Yulin, Taiwan / Alic Koon, Hong Kong / Grace Zhang, Jiangsu, China

精粹 # 5 Masteries # 5 2019/8/8 Angela Zhao, Jiangsu, China / Qian Peng, Jiangsu, China / Chen Fangjun, Taiwan / Monica Siu, Hong Kong

精粹 # 6 Masteries # 6 2019/8/15 Amy Zhu, Jiangsu, China / Ruby Wu, Taiwan / Leanne Chan, Hong Kong / Denise Pang, Singapore

精粹 # 7 Masteries # 7 2019/8/22 Monica Siu, Hong Kong / Roger Shen, Jiangsu, China / Dolphin Chen, Taiwan / Mandy Lin, Taiwan

精粹 # 8 Masteries # 8 2019/8/29 Lucy Lu, Jiangsu, China / Vivian Zheng, Taiwan / Ricky Dai, Taiwan / Leanne Chan, Hong Kong

精粹 # 9 Masteries # 9 2019/9/05 Ze Hui. Singapore / Wei Shiqiang, Taiwan / Mandy Lin, Taiwan / Maria Xu, Jiangsu, China


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Chapter Activites:

Visually impaired coach from Hong Kong has being granted Certified Masteries Coach designation recently. He is the first VI coach in IAC history.

This photo is a recent event hosted by VI coaches to showcase their contribution to the local HK community, in particular in the education field.

Hong Kong 21 March, next Thursday. Do come and join our dinner gathering
to celebrate the 16th Anniversary of IAC and co-design and create
the best year of 2019 for yourself and IACHK.

No matter if you are our former members, current members or anyone
who is interested in Co-creating Your Best through coaching & actions,
you are welcome to join our MEET, GREET and EAT Gathering.

Come and see how we together can create a better year for you and the greater good.

DATE: 3.21 Thursday
TIME: 7:00pm-9:30pm
VENUE: Preston Training Centre, 4/F Fortress Tower,
259 King’ s Road, North Point, Hong

*** Only a few places left, ACT NOW ****
– Regular price $220
– Early bird price $180 (register b4 3.12 and pay within 3 days after registration)

Enquiry & registration:
– Email: Event.iachk@gmail.com
– 3.21 Event Co-Leaders:
William Sit & Anthony Cheng
WhatsApp: 92333464

Please contact Chapter Leader for more information.

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