How Coaching Dream Enablers Empower Student Coaching

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Leanne Chan

A recent IAC HK Chapter event displayed how the IAC Coaching Dream Enablers
empower the Shatin HKIVE (Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education) students,
who are the first IAC Coaching Students Club members in Hong Kong to have authentic
conversations among different generational groups.

The group included experienced coaches, student development officers, professional
consultants, human resources and under-graduated students. The discussion was
all about the possibilities of introducing coaching to the education field and
providing an impact on the Post-90s generation for their personal development
and enhancement.

To start with, as the facilitator of the evening, I expressed the key driver
to move along this meaningful project with HK Shatin IVE: we believe the Post-90s
are our future leaders and they have potential to create a better future. They
are the under-craft diamonds and will show their shiny edges upon their awareness
of what has driven them most. We followed this discussion with an interview
with different student coaches. Below are some of their observations and discoveries
through this student coaching journey:

  • “Before this student coaching journey, my knowledge of coaching was
    zero. Now I have the confidence to say that I understand the concept of coaching
    conversation skills at a higher level.”
  • “Coaching took her out of the internet world, into a more realistic,
    thoughtful process to sort out options and solutions.”
  • “My coach acts as a lighthouse, guides me in the right direction.
    Drives me to think deeply about what happiness I would like to get from my
  • “Coaching strengthens my self-awareness and communication skills,
    and has improved my family relationship.”
  • “My coach empowers me to think of more possibilities; I apply this
    in the workplace and to myself. I ask myself who am I and what I want and
    need. It is really an amazing journey.”
  • “I now know how to consider others’ feelings and I intend to
    apply the coaching skills to support an introverted student to take one step
    further. It turns out can express his own ideas in public.”

After the interviews, we had a sincere conversation among all the participants.
We discussed how these students will be able to apply coaching conversations
in their future workplaces. As coaching is still very new to the education field
in Hong Kong, the idea that coaching can begin with young adults raised many

  • Build up the campus coaching culture, sow the seed in early stage
  • Set up the Student Coaching Club in different undergraduate colleges
  • Start the coaching culture even earlier from secondary school

To conclude the meeting, we shared the strong belief that life impacts life;
How wonderful and meaningful it will be when our students, teachers and education
professionals play the major roles as future leader coaches, career coaches,
parent coaches, life coaches, etc. It will encourage our society to become more
inclusive, innovative, and collaborative.

student coaching group

Leanne Chan 
Chan, ACC (ICF) is President of IAC HK Chapter, career & campus
coach serving both on campus and in corporations leveraging her years’
of corporate HR and talent management experience plus strong desire
to help young people become who they’re, not being under others
~ Listen with CARE, Talent Communication ~

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