How IAC Certification Changed My Life

by Art Gangel

I originally saw certification as an end
goal, not a beginning. After attaining my
IAC certification, instead of becoming empowered
and engaged in my pursuit of being a full
time coach, I stopped moving on the path
to coaching mastery. I stopped all the activity
that had enabled me to achieve certification
in the first place. Not surprisingly, my
coaching suffered, and I did not make the
strides I wanted to make in my business

That’s when I picked up Mastery
by George Leonard and read it again. It
spoke to me in a way it didn’t the
first time. I started moving down the path
again, taking the small steps I had in front
of me. I began to wake up to the reality
that the path to mastery in any pursuit
is not about getting certified, but about
the person you become during the process.

It’s also about the application of
the tools you learn through the process,
not about sticking them in your toolbox
and forgetting them. Tools that aren’t
used rust, and coaching skills that aren’t
applied go away. The journey never ends.

About the author:

Art Gangel, IAC-CC is a coach in
Kansas City, KS, USA.  You can find his profile here.  Find him on the web at

or reach him by email at


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