How to plan your own coaches’ retreat Tips from Coach Bonnie Chan, IAC-CC

Mentor Coach for the Hong Kong coaches’

Group coaching in few days' intensive retreat
workshop—out of town and away from normal
business—creates powerful energy and interactions
that can naturally enhance learning ability.
It seems to be a particularly accessible
way for groups of non-English speaking coaches.

  • Use the online data base of IAC coaches
    to find members in your area who might get
    together for this kind of extensive program.

  • Find a mentor coach to guide the process
    or use the Masteries themselves to plan
    the activities for self-development and
    to grow in the coaching profession.

  • Treat the certification as an advanced
    learning process; the IAC-CC will come as
    the side effect for your focus and effort.

  • Plan for weekly follow-up meetings to get
    ready for Part 2.

You can reach Coach Bonnie Chan on line

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