How to Read Your Client’s Mind

by Marc Manieri

If I told you that you’ve been operating at about 50% of your coaching ability, would you be offended or curious? Well, I’m telling you that you are operating at half-mast, and I’d like to invite you to be curious. Read on.

I have personally interacted with several hundred coaches over the last two years. During that time, I have identified three common themes:

  1. The coaches I’ve met love what they do and are genuinely inspired to help others;
  2. The coaches I’ve met have clients who are happy but not necessarily transformed;
  3. The coaches I’ve met struggle with consistent business development.

Sound familiar?

Doctors who perform miracle surgeries have tools at their disposal to assist them in their work. So why should coaching be any different? The answer is: it shouldn’t.

Journaling is one tool that can be a key to success for both you and your clients. When you integrate journaling into your coaching practice—making it the very foundation of your work—you can effectively address each of these three themes.

  1. You can help your clients in leaps and bounds, because you literally gain the ability to read your client’s mind. By strategically guiding your client’s journal writing with relevant questions or prompts, you gain access to their real time thoughts and beliefs. You know exactly what’s going in their mind and in their life as things unfold.
  2. You can facilitate life-altering transformation. Before, it may have taken weeks or months to get to the client’s real “stuff;” no longer. You’re now better equipped to guide your client past their resistance and towards their goals at warp speed.
  3. You can count on consistent referrals and repeat clients. Every time your client journals they are instantly reminded of the growth they've accomplished, and when they see your coaching comments after each journal entry they associate their breakthroughs with your coaching guidance. Soon they will be singing your praises to everyone they know. Plus, with a journaling system in place, your former clients can keep using it and remember that you're there if they ever want a "tune-up."

By reading your clients’ minds, you become a better coach and earn more consistent business all at once. Not a bad play!


Marc Manieri is a coach at Frame of Mind Coaching and President of JournalEngine™ Software, the most robust online journaling software on the planet. IAC members save 50% on customization and 20% on membership. Check it out at and use the coupon code on the IAC Members page.

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