Penang, Malajzia

Penang, Malajzia

Chapter Leader Ms. Lay Pin Lim
Chapter Team Mr. Martin Puay Lun Ang Mr. Poh Hin Ang Mr. Hock Soon Neoh
Telefon Whatsapp + 6-012 4059342-
IAC Penang, Malaysia Chapter exists to inspire and empower a community of learners in Coaching : Expanding the Path to Coaching Mastery. And thereby build and energize a coaching community of change leaders in all spheres of society and life!
Was established on 7 th May 2019, to be a platform and a meeting place for all those who want to make a difference for themselves and others through coaching in the area of Penang , Malaysia.

Chapter Activities: Stay tune for our next networking events, sharing in the development and advancement of the profession.

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