I am grateful that the IAC® …

I am grateful that the IAC….

I am grateful that the IAC®  …


Is inclusive,

Is generous,

Welcomes me as I am,

Welcomes me where I am,

Shares knowledge and expertise,

Shares my highest values,

Supports goodness,

Supports professionalism,

Connects me with a community,

Connects me with myself,

Accepts what I have to offer,

Accepts me when I have less to offer,

Provides the opportunity to be a coach,

Provides the opportunity to be coached,

Applies coaching skills to a wide range of uses,

Applies coaching skills to specific, personal needs,

Introduces me to coaching buddies,

Introduces me to friends across the world,

Helps me to be a better coach,

Helps me to be a better person.


I am grateful that the IAC® is the best part of each of us.



Ed Britton is a family legacy coach, writer and illustrator, who helps clients create oral histories, photo-biographies and illustrated children’s stories from family history, that are intended to be handed down through the generations. This article recounts the spark of inspiration that came while visiting his aged and disabled father, that was the birth of Ed’s personal field of coaching.


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