IAC Coaching Award Ceremony 2016

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On Wednesday, January 13th 2016, two extraordinary leaders in the coaching community were honored in the 1-hour Coaching Awards presentation webinar. IAC President Krishna Kumar, Immediate Past President Vicki Zanini, and Lead Certifier Natalie Tucker Miller were pleased to present awards to Ruth Ann Harnisch and Dr. Susan R. Meyer.

Ruth Ann Harnisch, MMC, was awarded the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award for “her generous dedication, commitment, field work, support, and contributions for the purpose of advancing coaching excellence around the world.”

Dr. Susan R. Meyer, MMC was awarded the 2016 President’s Award for “her contributions to the IAC which fostered community and connection among the members, supporting learning environments and IAC certification.”

Here are a few of the things attendees had to say:

“I am speechless with the conversation and so inspired with Ruth Ann & Susan’s words.”

“This was such a great conversation that somehow we have to take it out to the coaching world.”

“One of the most useful conferences that I have attended in the past year. Thank you so much. Loved the history and hearing how people value the perspective of the IAC.”

Members, stayed tuned for access to the recorded presentation!

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