Being a Part of the IAC Coaching Family

by Jose Manuel (Pepe) del Rio,


The IAC family has, and always will, live in a process of transformation. We live and work all over the world, speak different languages, have different cultural backgrounds, think differently, have different skin colours, but we are all one big huge family united by one vision, one mission. We have a set of values that distinguish us from the rest of the coaching world and we are driven by the pursuit of coaching excellence.

The IAC is an association that was built by Thomas Leonard to lead the coaching world, with the assurance that our certification process will always maintain a standard of excellence. We recognize ourselves through the IAC Coaching Masteries, which are easily identified as the centre of our coaching process. As a certifying association, we equally understand that the best certification is the one that your clients give when they endorse you. 

This is an open invitation to all our certified coaches, as well as those who are in the process of becoming so, to get more involved with the IAC, to be an active part of this family. It is a family that is one by one, each and every day, transforming the world.

The future of the International Association of Coaching is bright. We will continue moving ahead in these times where excellent and committed coaches are needed. We will keep living the vision and mission that the IAC was founded on. Join us, in our pursuit of building a more confident world, in a time where great coaches are needed to unleash human potential.

Be proud of being a part of the IAC coaching family. Let’s transform the world and create a coaching legacy building on our IAC coaching Masteries.

José Manuel “Pepe” del Río, Vice President, IAC

José Manuel "Pepe" del Río

Executive & Career Coach
Working with clients all around the world. Founder and head coach of del Río training, a boutique Coaching and training company, with 22 years working and supporting executives and organizations, communicating and building high performance cultures, that help people become their best version.

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