IAC Coaching Masteries® E-Book Announcement

We are pleased to announce the latest
release of our IAC Coaching Masteries® E-Book. While our nine
Masteries remain fundamentally the same, this new version includes changes and
refinements to make each Mastery even easier to understand and incorporate into
your coaching practice. In addition to clarifying original terms and concepts,
you’ll find two new sections for each Mastery – Common Mistakes Coaches Make and
Indicators the Coach Understands the Mastery – to help you recognize, develop
and demonstrate effective coaching skills even more quickly.

To use a computer analogy, this is not a
brand new "operating system," but simply an improvement to the original which
corrects "bugs" and adds new features for even greater usability.

This latest version of the IAC Coaching
Masteries® E-Book is available from: http://www.certifiedcoach.org/learningguide/masteries.htm. IAC
members can download it for free and non-members can purchase it for

Please contact us at certification@certifiedcoach.org
if you have questions, comments or difficulties accessing or opening the


Sue Brundege, IAC-CC is a CTA- and IAC-certified
coach, communication consultant and trainer, writer and public speaker. Through
her business, Self Made Self LLC, she helps service-based professionals express
their brilliance through public speaking, writing and networking to attract
ideal clients and grow their business. Sue also serves on the Board of Governors
for the International Association of Coaching®.

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