IAC Coaching Masteries speaks in Japanese

by Bonnie Chan, IAC-CC

#1. 信頼関係の構築と維持



1.      クライアントが、気軽に意見交換ができる。

2.      クライアントが、コーチを自分の理解者であると認識している。

3.      クライアントが、自分が無理なく変容、成長できると実感する。

4.      クライアントが、コーチングの結果と責任について、現実的に理解している。

Don’t be surprised by what you see above. It is the IAC Coaching Mastery #1 in Japanese. We are proud to announce that as of December 2010, the IAC Coaching Masteries® have now been completely translated into Japanese and are available for download from the IAC website, following the release of the Chinese, Spanish and Italian versions.

Coaching itself is a language of continuous inspiration and learning. Through my involvement in this voluntary translation project for the IAC Coaching Masteries®, I had a chance to meet with marvelous coaches around the world who speak many different languages. Over the course of two years, I worked with Japanese coaches Michitaka Sawamura and Shigeru Tabata, who are now living in China and the UK, respectively.

This experience has given me an opportunity to run through the entire Masteries document word for word for several times, deepening my understanding and appreciation of its beauty.

IAC continues to serve as my inspirational virtual platform for global coaching connections. I used the “Find a Coach” search engine on the IAC website to find members in Japan, and found Dr. Dirk Ebert. By the Law of Attraction, I initiated a phone call conversation with Dr. Ebert. The exchange gave me the impression that most of the local and expatriate coaches in Japan are more familiar with the ICF stream. That means there is plenty of room for the choices and alternatives that IAC can offer.

Imagining the possibilities for the IAC in Japan, I immediate recalled Proficiency #12 from my original coach training at Coachville—Enter Into New Territories—and some powerful questions began to merge in to my mind.

  • What would be ideal for you?
  • What would that look like?
  • What would be a new standard for you?
  • What if you looked at it from X perspective?
  • Can you think of another alternative?

I started to envision the initial IAC Chapters in Tokyo, where they are already IAC-certified coaches practicing. Japan also has IAC licensee schools providing courses on IAC Coaching Masteries® and assisting professional coaches in Japan to attain the IAC accreditation. Having such possibilities in mind, I am seeking a support system, and will throw out this question to VOICE subscribers:

How can we—living and practicing outside of Japan—assist the creation of Japan's first IAC Chapter?

If you have any ideas about this topic, please do help me by sending a response to this article. You may comment on the blog or contact me at my website (below).


Bonnie Chan, IAC-CC is an executive and mentor coach practicing in Hong Kong and China. Bonnie has a vision to see coaching set its milestone in Asia to benefit the people and organizational development in this part of the world. www.bonniechancoaching.com

3 thoughts on “IAC Coaching Masteries speaks in Japanese”

  1. Hi Bonnie Chan,
    You have greatly defined the definition of Coaching as itself is a language of continuous inspiration and learning. This true that we learn at each step. no doubt we can do mistakes but an executive coach help us in better way.
    All The Best

  2. Hi Anthony,
    Your idea to have a global local coaching community is indeed more than what I have thought of. It gave me a sense of collaborative and co-creative. Let’s move on the idea with open communication.
    Shall we arrange a phone conversation to exchange more ideas?
    cheers, bonnie

  3. Dear Bonnie-san,
    Thank you for the great work and contribution you and the Japanese team have done to extending knowledge of coaching by providing local content.
    Japan would indeed be a new territory for IAC but it is with conversation starters like yours that allows wonderful things to emerge! Being a bi-lingual Executive coach based in Tokyo, I see regularly the desire for learning and willingness to build international community here although the language barriers may sometimes thwart this.
    It was “what if” conversations such as these that allowed us to form an international coaching community here in Japan that saw the founding of ICF in Japan.
    My belief is there is plenty of room for all groups to co-exist and great chances for collaboration with existing coaching networks & groups.
    I would warmly welcome conversations that look to further build coaching & community in Japan.
    Anthony Clucas
    Founding President ICF Tokyo,

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